killer beeMOUNT HOPKINS, AZ – Lord knows I have reported on just about every horrifying death imaginable, but every now and then one comes around that has me thinking about the victim and muttering, “You poor, poor son of a bitch.”

On Monday, 55-year-old Steven Johnson was found dead in the Santa Rita Mountains hanging from his rappelling gear and covered in bee stings. The dog Johnson often took with him was also found dead and covered in bee stings on the cliff Johnson had rappelled from.

Johnson, an experienced hiker and mountain climber, was reportedly working an area of Mount Hopkins on Friday to prepare it for future climbers. Sheriff’s deputies went to search the site after he failed to show up for work on Monday.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine actual cause of death, but Santa Cruz County’s Lt. Raoul Rodriguez believes that Johnson may have disturbed a bees’ nest while hammering his ropes into the cliff. Some comments state that this is a terrible time of year in regards to bees, and some mentioned that the bees that attacked Johnson and his dog were probably the dreaded Africanized Honey Bee, aka the true Killer Bee.

These insane bastards have venom that isn’t any more potent than their counterparts, but they are easily provoked, quick to swarm, attack in greater numbers, and pursue their victims for greater distances. In 2012, experts stated the number of killer bees in Arizona will increase year by year.

This poor bastard got swarmed while hanging on the side of a friggin’ mountain. There was absolutely no where for him to run to, so he probably tried to rappel down, listening as his dog howled in pain, and ended up hanging there as he got stung over, and over, and over again. Jinkies.

If you are attacked by bees of any kind, run inside a house or car as fast as you can. You won’t avoid some bees getting inside with you, but 20 bees is much better than hundreds. Unlike what you may have been taught, you should never jump into water to escape a bee attack. The bees will swarm above the water, and when you come up to take a breath they will fly into your mouth.

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