Jennifer VigilSanta Fe, NM – An 18-year-old high school student claims he was raped by his horticulture teacher, 31-year-old Jennifer Vigil, in her classroom at Pojoaque Valley High School.

The student states Vigil pressured him into sex acts when he turned in an assignment to her after school.  She allegedly locked the classroom door and said,  “You’re not leaving until I get something from you.”  He initially refused, but Vigil agreed to let him leave if he let her perform a sex act on him.

Vigil admits having sex with him in her classroom, but insists the sex was consensual. However the student told police that the idea of sex with her was “disgusting.”  Harsh.  Vigil claims he requested oral sex from her and that led to intercourse, and he again requested to have sex with her at a later date and she agreed.  He took a picture with his cellphone of her blowing him and showed it to police.

These stories are now a dime a dozen; male teenage student, attractive-ish married female teacher, sex, everybody gasps thinking a woman would know better, men everywhere ask, “Where were these teachers when I was a student?” and the overwhelming response is, “You were too ugly” . . . etc etc etc.

What makes this story just a bit different is that the student is legally an adult.  He is 18.  However, in New Mexico, even if the sex was consensual, teacher-student relationships are against the law.  Whoops.  According to Maj. Ken Johnson of the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, “In her position of authority it’s prohibited to engage in any type of sex activity with a student regardless of whether it’s consensual or not.”

People always want to know what could a woman possibly want with a male teenager?  It couldn’t possibly be “going the distance” and it’s certainly not expertise.  It has to be the feeling of just totally rockin’ someone’s world.  To really just blow away (pun intended) some guy and feel like a sex god is what I think tickles these teachers.  And that is just PaganOne’s 2 cents on the matter of Hot for Teacher.

Vigil is currently in Santa Fe County jail facing charges of fourth degree criminal sexual penetration.  She has been put on administrative leave from her teaching job of 8 years, pending the outcome of the sheriff’s investigation, even though she admits to having sex with the student.  In the freakin’ classroom.  Twice.

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