Utchey CabaneFlorida – Police say that after 27-year-old Utchey Cabane raped a woman walking home from work, he apologized for raping her, adding that at least she learned a valuable lesson.

The woman told police she was walking home when she was approached by Cabane, who said he was walking to his job at Walmart. He informed her that it wasn’t a good idea to be walking alone, and offered to accompany her. A short while later, Cabane demonstrated why she should not be walking alone by pulling her off the road into the grass, holding a box-cutter to her throat, and then raping her.

After he was finished, the woman told police Cabane apologized for his actions and told her “she should learn from this situation” and let her leave. She ended up telling a relative what happened shortly afterwards, and they decided to find the woman’s attacker. Surprisingly, they found Cabane in front of a grocery store talking to another woman.

The victim’s relative confronted Cabane and struck him in the face several times before leaving the scene with the victim. Cabane, being an idiot, called police to report he had been beaten and robbed by several men and wanted to press charges. Cabane told police the men tried to steal his backpack, which he handed over to investigators.

Want to guess what police found inside it? If you guessed the box-cutter the victim described being used during her rape, you don’t get shit because it was too obvious. After talking to Cabane a bit more, he eventually admitted to having a consensual make-out session with a woman while holding the box cutter to her neck and chest area.

He even wrote the victim an apology letter that stated, “I didn’t mean to harm you nor make you feel threaten [sic] cause I’m really not that kind of human being.” Like I said. A total moron. Utchey Cabane was arrested on charges of sexual battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery. He remains in the Orange County Jail.

As far as his statement of not being that kind of human being, he was arrested in 2011 after a girl walking to a bus stop accused him of offering her a ride and then molesting her and forced her to perform sex acts. When the girl started to cry, Cabane punched her in the face and leg before letting her out of the car. Cabane was arrested and was facing multiple charges, including sexual battery and child abuse, but the case was dropped.

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