Pulpit of Doom Podcast 4-11-2013

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preacherHere, Now – Nice crowd last night and we appreciate every one of you who stopped by and shot the shit with us while we conducted another Pulpit of Doom podcast. Jaded returned from whatever rehab center she was visiting this month to co-host, and my cursing got progressively worse the drunker I got.

I found out later that some of you were having difficulties hearing the stream, so hopefully the show below will be more listenable. As usual, we discussed the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including children in hospitals and the fake nurses who molest them, the etiquette of eating a friend when starving and why you should never go camping with me, unsuccessfully drowning your children, dog attacks caused by idiot animal owners, children who commit suicide after snitching, women who shove dildos up their kids’ ass, and much, much more.

We also talked about the suicide of Retheah Parson, where I tried to explain my worries regarding online mob justice a little better than I did in the comments of that article. I don’t know how I came across, but Jaded said I sounded like a drunk preacher – so there’s that. We also talked about the guy who tried sawing his arms off in a Home Depot, and the fact that no one should ever, ever go camping with me. There was also some discussion about how “motherfucking ginger gothic vampire retard faggot” may possibly be the slogan on one of our new shirts.

After we went off the air, we talked a little about something I do not remember because by that time, I was pretty soused from the bottle of Gnarley Head wine I drank. We will be back next week with another Pulpit of Doom and 10 new stories to talk about, so be sure to check out our BlogTalkRadio Page, where you can listen to all past shows.

If you want to read last night’s chat log, you can read that here.

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