HomeDepotWest Covina, CA — An unidentified man with a helluva DIY project in mind, apparently walked into a West Covina Home Depot Wednesday evening and proceeded to saw through both of his arms as horrified customers looked on.

Police and witnesses say the man calmly walked into the store’s tool section just before 1:00 p.m., grabbed several small handsaws, including one meant to cut sheet rock, and got busy.

“He cut both arms with hand saws down to the bone,” said West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez. “He was pretty much intent on doing what he did.”

An off-duty paramedic from the Pasadena Fire Department had been shopping nearby and rushed to help.

“The officers had already found the man down, face down, blood all over the store, multiple aisles, and the whole store is in chaos,” the paramedic, Art Hurtado, said.

Hurtado told reporters he thought the man was dead, but when he checked he found breath and a slight pulse and said he thought to himself, “I can save this guy.”

With help from others, Hurtado rounded up some rags and rope and, poof! Tourniquets!

“Were we in a good place for it? No, but you improvise,” Hurtado said. “If I didn’t have rope I’d have used my shoelaces. We would have made it work.”

Me? I’da been reaching for the duct tape, zip ties and superglue. Poof! Dude would have had two new arms!

The man, believed to be in his 40s, was carrying no identification and said nothing from the time he walked into the store until the time he went under for surgery. No word on his condition at this point, and no word on why.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder or bath salts? Hmmm….

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