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crazy pit bullHere, Now – I would like to thank everyone who turned out to last night’s Pulpit of Doom Podcast with me and Athena. I can’t speak for Athena, but for once, I was completely sober. It turned out pretty good and I think my “uhs” and “ums” were at a bare minimum as I didn’t catch any shit from PaganOne about it yet.

As usual, we talked about the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including women killing children,  the Backpage Cock Gobbler, child neglect, minors and the old cheerleaders who love them, beating kids until they pass out, and starving toddlers living with a corpse. But the majority of the time was spent talking about teenage suicide – where I went on my usual rant on why it’s retarded that personal finance and mental health are not required courses in our children’s schools – and pit bulls eating children.

The latter of which I explain my stance on the breed – especially since I get accused of hating them so much. In a nutshell, I don’t care about any breed of dog, but love using a stick to stir up the extremes on either side of a topic. In the case of pit bulls, and the recent attack, we talk about possible solutions, the ridiculousness of breed banning, and how come every time we have a pit bull mauling story, the houses in which the dogs lived are never surprising.

We also had our first live caller in half a year. The highly-esteemed newstarshipsmell called in to tell us how bad we suck and how he cannot stop visiting every day. Aside from Athena’s ISP dropping her twice during the show, it went pretty well. If you haven’t tuned into any of the podcasts, they are really the only place where you can truly get the writer’s honest opinions on certain subjects, while also helping you figure out whenever one of them may be trolling the reader with an article.

We will be back on next week and hope to take some more callers, so get some questions ready and feel free to call in. Also, if you don’t mind, go ahead and check out our BlogTalkRadio Page and follow it… that way you can be reminded when we are about to go on air.

If you want to read the comments going on in chat while we were on live, you can read the chat log here.

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