Caleb GordleySterling, VA – After sneaking out of his house to go drinking with friends, 16-year-old Caleb Gordley was shot to death a few hours later after he mistakenly entered the wrong home.

Police say after drinking with friends Saturday night, Caleb was dropped off at the upscale neighborhood he and his family had lived in for only a year. After hopping a fence at around 2:40 in the morning, Caleb entered a home he thought was his, but was actually his neighbor’s home two doors down.

The homeowner, Donald Wilder, was alerted to someone in his house after a security alarm was triggered when Caleb entered the home through a back window. Wilder called 911 to report an intruder, but ended up shooting Caleb as the teen made his way up the stairs to where Wilder and his family were sleeping.

The two homes are similar looking, especially in the back, and are located in a neighborhood populated by McMansions. Investigators feel that Caleb had no ill-intent when he entered Wilder’s home, but that his inebriated state had him confused as to what house he was entering.

No charges are expected to be filed against Wilder, as Virginia law states states a you can use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger. Caleb’s parents have forgiven Wilder for killing their son, noting that this was just a tragic accident.

‘I just want you to know I forgive you. I understand this was an accident,’ Caleb’s mother Jennae Gordley said. Caleb’s father, Shawn Gordley, echoed his wife’s sentiments, adding, “I’m praying he wasn’t scared at that moment.”

Friends of Caleb speak very highly of the teen, describing a promising rapper and star high school athlete at Park View High School.

“He was on the basketball team, baseball… he brought happiness to the whole team,” said one friend. “If you had classes with him, there was no way you weren’t leaving that class without a smile,” said another.

Neighbors also speak highly of Wilder, saying he is a volunteer firefighter who has lived in the neighborhood for at least nine years.

“He is a great neighbor, a helper, someone who spends spare time volunteering to help others,” one neighbor said. “He’s an active member of our community. He’s a good person.”

Although Caleb’s parents may have forgiven him, reports are someone went to Wilder’s home and began wildly gesturing at a man who answered the door before getting into a car, backing up and then running into Caleb’s home.

I did something similar as a teen. I left the house after my parents crashed, got drunk, then crept back inside. The only problem is that, for some reason, I went to their room instead of mine. Then, at 3 o’clock in the morning on a school night, I performed the Nestea plunge on their bed. Scared the shit out of them as well as me. I lost my car for a couple weeks because of that one, but it was still funny.

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