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Kasey McKenzieDallas, TX – Back in 2011 we reported on Eric Crutchfield, the drunk man who ran over  and killed Kasey McKenzie in a strip club parking lot with his “monster truck.” The other day, a jury ruled that the strip club bears 70 percent of the blame and awarded the McKenzie’s family $10.5 million.

For those of you unaware of the original story, 23-year-old Kasey McKenzie was walking in the parking lot of the Spearmint Rhino when she stepped in front of 27-year-old Eric Crutchfield’s dumbass truck. The truck in question was an F-250 that had been lifted so high, Crutchfield must be hung like a Ken doll. Crutchfield didn’t see McKenzie and ended up killing her after running her over with his front and rear tire.

According to reports, patrons had to chase down Crutchfield, who had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, who wasn’t even aware he had just flattened a human being with his rolling cock extension. Crutchfield would later be found guilty of manslaughter and is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence.

McKenzie’s family eventually filed a civil lawsuit against Crutchfield as well as Spearmint Rhino, who they claimed over-served Crutchfield.

‘We believe that obviously he was intoxicated; it was apparent to the bartender and the club that he was intoxicated, and he got behind the wheel of his monster truck and ran over Kasey McKenzie,’ said Michael Schmidt, the attorney for McKenzie’s parents.

After being informed of  US “dram shop” laws that sate restaurants, bars and liquor stores can be held liable if they serve alcohol to customers who are clearly drunk, the jury was shown surveillance footage from inside the club that night that showed Crutchfield being served in excess of 10 drinks and shots within four hours.

The jury agreed that Spearmint Rhino negligently over-served Crutchfield and ordered them to pay 70 percent of damages – Crutchfield will be required to pay the rest. Defense attorneys said they expect an appeal, although corporate representative for the Spearmint Rhino said the company had no comment on the ruling.

The $10.5 million judgment is said to be the biggest dram shop verdict in Dallas County since 1985, possibly anywhere.

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