Michael PowellMinneapolis, MN — Just when we thought we’d heard the last from the Powell family….

Josh’s brother, Michael Powell, threw himself off a 7-story building Monday, apparently after learning he would not profit from the death of Susan and her two sons.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Powell story, I must first congratulate you for finally crawling out from underneath that rock! And second, we’ll do a quick rehash.

Susan Powell disappeared in December of 2009. Her husband, Josh, told police that he decided to take his boys, Charlie and Braden, ages 4 and 2, on an impromptu camping trip that weekend, in the middle of a friggin’ blizzard even, and when he returned home, Susan was gone. Josh was named a “person of interest” in her disappearance.

Fast forward a couple of years. While investigating Susan’s disappearance, police find child pornography on a computer that belonged to Steve Powell – Josh’s father.

Not only did Steve’s computer contain pictures of  underage girls, it also contained pictures of Susan. Dude was apparently quite obsessed with her.

At that point, the two boys were removed from Josh’s custody and placed with Susan’s parents – Chuck and Judy Cox. Josh was allowed visitation.

It was during a court-ordered, supervised visit that Josh killed the two boys and himself. It was believed, at the time, that the older boy, Charlie, then 7, began talking about the details of the evening his mother disappeared.

Now, here’s where Michael comes in…

Four months before his death in February of 2012, Josh amended his insurance policy, naming Michael as beneficiary on the boys’ life insurance policies, which totaled about $1.5 million.

Michael apparently tried to collect on the policies a few weeks after Josh’s death, but Chuck and Judy Cox moved to block the distribution, arguing that Josh should not have been entitled to disburse the money. The Cox’s believed one of the motives behind Susan’s death was money.

New York Life Insurance Co. then filed a court action, asking a federal judge to decide whether the changes Josh made to said policies are valid and still payable given the murder/suicide that resulted in his death and that of his children. It also wanted the court to decide what should happen with a $1 million policy in Susan’s name.

Michael apparently filed a response in the cases Monday, objecting to the appointment in January of Chuck Cox as sole conservator of his daughter’s estate without any notice to him, which he alleged was required by trust documents.

And because I’m ignorant and clueless about life insurance policies, I can only assume that Michael found out he ain’t getting shit. Please feel free to correct me if that isn’t the case….

Police have confirmed that the broken body found on the sidewalk outside of a seven-story parking garage Monday afternoon is, indeed, that of Michael Powell. Four people apparently witnessed the fall.

I would say that’s the last we’ll hear from the Powell family, but skeevy Steve is due to be released from prison in May. Oh, joy!

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