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Bienvenido CintronPORT RICHEY, FL — A mother in Florida is praising a group of teenagers for possibly saving the lives of two children after a man tried grabbing them while they were visiting a local park.

At around dusk Saturday, 28-year-old Sharaya Smith said she’d taken her young daughter and nephew to play at Lake Lisa Park and eat pizza. As they walked through the park’s parking lot, she noticed a group of teenagers playing loud music, kissing and cursing. “We’re trying to have a pizza party,” Smith remembers telling them. “And my kids don’t need to hear your mouths.”

A short while later, while her daughter and nephew played on a slide, she noticed 34-year-old Bienvenido Cintron nearby. He was disheveled, wearing a tan trench coat, and spouting out verses from the Bible he was carrying. Cintron made his way over to Smith, who had already collected the two children, and began yelling at her, stating he was Obama and was sent to rid the world of drug dealers and prostitutes.

According to Smith, Cintron grabbed 3-year-old Dante Moretti-Taylor’s arm and tried to wrench him from Smith’s grasp while calling him a drug dealer. Cintron then grabbed 4-year-old Tatiana Ortega by the hair and one of her arms, calling her a prostitute. Smith said she was able to wrestle the children away then ran into the lot calling for help with Cintron following behind her.

Three of of the teens she had snapped at earlier responded by walking over and standing around her and the two children, keeping Cintron at a distance. That’s when Smith’s brother and sister pulled into the lot in Smith’s car and Smith quickly placed the two children inside. While the teens escorted Smith to a nearby pavilion so she could get her purse, Cintron began circling the car while telling the children to unlock the doors. When they refused, Cintron spat on the car.

Smith said the teens helped her get back to the car, but once inside, Cintron pulled the door open before she had a chance to lock it. He tried grabbing Dante again, but she was able to slam the door shut as her brother drove away. Smith says she then watched as Cintron headed toward the teens.

A few hours later, Cintron called 911 to report he had been beaten up by a group of teenagers. Police arrived at his home, a mile and a half away from the park, to find Cintron sporting eyes that looked like two freshly fucked assholes, a bloody nose and a busted lip.

Police were already familiar with Cintron as he had caused a disturbance at a Publix earlier in the day. Figuring this was the same man that had tried to snatch Smith’s daughter and nephew, they brought Smith to Cintron’s house where she positively identified him from the safety of a patrol car.

Cintron was arrested and charged with kidnapping and auto burglary. He is currently residing at the Land O’Lakes jail on a $160,000 bail. Police are not sure if the teens that helped Smith are the same ones who put the beat down on Cintron, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to thank them. “I don’t think that they realize,” said Smith. “They saved two children’s lives.”

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