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Lawrence AdamczykRiverside, IL —  My, my… another repeat offender on the Dreamin’ Demon this morning.

Meet Lawrence Adamczyk – he made his first appearance here at the D’D in June of 2011, when he was accused of exposing himself and groping men at the X-Sport Fitness Club in St. Charles.

Larry (not even gonna try and type dude’s last name more than once… it’s like a tongue twister for my fingers) was apparently found guilty in that case, as a recent update mentions he was paroled in December of 2012 and was being monitored electronically. The same update also points out that Larry had previous arrests dating back to 2005, all similar and sexual in nature. But for whatever reason, he was not required to register as a sex offender.

Larry was confronted by security personnel at Riverside Brookfield High School Saturday morning while wandering about in a hallway that was closed and off-limits because of a boys’ swim meet, police said. The police were called and responding officers found Larry sitting on the bleachers, watching the competition.

When officers confronted Larry and asked him what he was doing there, he initially said that his kids were competing in the swimming event. When officers asked him for the names of his spawn, he paused and then refused to answer. After producing an ID that said he lived in Rockford, he was taken into police custody.

And then it got weird….

While in police custody, Larry reportedly stated that he had taken a train from Rockford to Brookfield that morning, intending to go to Brookfield Zoo and look for young boys to have oral sex with. But when he walked by the high school, he said, he received a brain-wave message from recording artist(?) Justin Bieber telling him to go to the school to see the kids there.

Let me repeat that, Demonites. He said he received a brain-wave message from recording artist Justin Bieber directing him to enter the school. I don’t know what I find more bizarre – the fact that dude thinks Bieber is speaking to him telepathically, or the fact that some people continue to insist Bieber is an artist.

Anyway, that is how Larry ended up inside the school with a raging hard-on.

According to a press release, Larry also admitted to having beat the bishop shortly before the arrival of police. He apparently made several other “intensely sexual statements involving young boys to Riverside Police investigators that are simply too graphic to include in a public statement,” police say.

“His intent was clear,” said Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel. “Not only did he intend to enter the high school to locate a young male to victimize but if he was unsuccessful, he was prepared to walk half a block north to the Brookfield Zoo and look for an additional young boy to victimize.”

“I cannot understand how this individual was not required to register as a sex offender,” continued Weitzel. “I ordered my personnel to contact the Illinois Department of Corrections and request his parole status be revoked due to this arrest in Riverside. At 7 p.m. on Saturday January 12, Mr. Adamczyk’s parole was revoked and the Riverside Police Department received a parole warrant authorizing them to place a no bond hold on (him).”

Larry has since been charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

Justin Bieber, that no-talent, telepathic little fucker, is the devil. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. *runs off to make new tin-foil hat*

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