Angry pit bullHODGES, S.C. —A 65-year-old woman in South Carolina was killed by a pit bull while babysitting her grandchildren.

Betty Todd was babysitting her three grandchildren – ages 1 to 12 – while her son and his wife went to dinner Tuesday night.

For reasons unknown, the family pit bull began viciously attacking Todd. The oldest grandchild tried to get the dog off her grandmother but was unable to. The girl gathered her siblings into a room that did not contain their screaming grandmother being killed by their dog and called her father for help.

When police arrived at the home, they were greeted at the door by an aggressive pit bull with blood on its mouth, chest and paws. At the same time, Todd’s son and his wife pulled up and were able to corral the dog into another room of the house.

Todd was found unresponsive with puncture wounds to her head, face and neck. EMS attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. The coroner stated Betty Todd died of neck and spinal injuries.

The dog was later taken to the Greenwood County Animal Shelter where it was described as submissive. Even so, because of the attack, it will probably be put down at some point.

Todd’s son told deputies that his mother had been to the home numerous times and that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward her. The victim’s brother-in-law echoed the same thing. “This dog has never shown any aggression before.  It slept in the bed with them.  They’ve had the dog four years, and it never ever showed anything like this,” said David Todd.

Some are saying that, while tragic, the dog was just being protective of the children. I can see that, I guess, but I still don’t want any animal living in my house that could break my goddamn neck because I accidentally stepped on its tail.

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