Facebook threatWalton, NY — A 27-year-old woman has been accused of making a series of posts on Facebook that threatened children and their families. Keep reading, as you won’t believe the level of stupidity this woman possesses.

Over the weekend, several Walton children and teenagers were getting death threats and pornography from an individual using various Facebook accounts (including this one and this one). The profiles used the same picture of two little girls that they stated they wanted to kill, as well as images of dead children tagged with the names of local Walton youth.

The person was also hacking into other Walton residents’ Facebook accounts to post even more harassing messages to the children, even going as far as asking if they should duplicate the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

This prompted police to monitor the local schools and for school administrators to cancel all outside school activities. They also informed parents the school doors would be locked during the day and that the staff had been made aware of the situation.

Police were able to track down the person responsible for making the Facebook threats and arrested 27-year-old Jennifer Morris on Monday. The Walton resident was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and taken to the Delaware County Jail on $10,000 bail. Police say more charges could be pending.

If Morris’s actions weren’t stupid enough, wait until you hear what some say the motive was.

Rumor is that she made the posts in an effort to get her ex-boyfriend back. Morris made the threats against various Walton children, including her own daughters (supposedly the two girls pictured in the two fake Facebook profiles), to convince her ex he needed to come back to protect her and her children from a deranged psycho.

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