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Jodi AriasPhoenix, AZ — Jodi Arias is currently on trial, facing the death penalty after brutally murdering Travis Alexander, her one-time boyfriend. Everybody seems to be fascinated with this case, mainly because of the woman accused. She’s easy to hate, admittedly, but I’m not writing this because of her, but because of Nancy Grace. I’ll get to that in a second.

Arias, 32, met Alexander at a work conference six years ago. Arias claims that the two were madly in love, but Alexander’s friends and family say the man tried to break of the relationship after only a few months of dating, stating Arias was too jealous and not marriage material. In the months after the break-up, Arias allegedly began stalking Alexander and, according to his family, slit his tires and sneaked into his house.

In 2008, Alexander was found dead in his shower. He had been stabbed 27 times, had his throat slit, and had been shot in the head. Arias professed her innocence claiming she was not in the house at the time Alexander was killed, adding there was no way she could have murdered Alexander.

“I didn’t hurt Travis. I would never hurt Travis,” Arias said from jail in July 2008 after being arrested. “I would be shaking in my boots right now if I had to answer to God for such a heinous crime.”

Arias story would change after police found a camera in Alexander’s washing machine that contained pictures of the couple having sex on the the day he was murdered, as well as some incriminating photos taken after Alexander was already dead. These photos, seemingly taken accidentally, depict Alexander after he was murdered with one showing Arias dragging Alexander’s dead body.

Faced with this evidence, Arias changed her original story and went on “Inside Edition” claiming she actually was at Alexander’s home the night he was murdered, but said someone else killed him. “I witnessed Travis being attacked by two other individuals,” she said on the show. “Who were they? I don’t know. I couldn’t pick them up in a police lineup.”

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander

Now that she is on trial after pleading not-guilty to first-degree murder, Arias has changed her story yet again. She says she did kill Alexander but that it was in self defense. Her defense attorneys are claiming Alexander, a devout Mormon, was a sexual deviant who routinely abused her, both sexually and physically, throughout their relationship. Prosecutors say that’s bullshit and that Arias simply killed Alexander because she was jealous over Alexander’s relationships with other women.

Although an accused changing her story multiple times never bodes well when trying to win over a jury, Arias is confident she will walk away a free woman. “No jury is going to convict me,” she said in an interview. “Why not? Because I’m innocent. You can mark my words on that. No jury will convict me.”

Now on to Nancy Grace. Watch the following video (at around the three minute mark) and tell me if you can watch it without wanting to reach through your monitor and smacking Nancy Grace’s mouth shut. Poor Dan Abrams is calmly, rationally explaining why the defense is hanging their hat on the self-defense story while Nancy Grace rudely interrupts Abrams and treats him like he’s professing Arias’s innocence. She even laughs when Abrams says he feels the prosecution is over-reaching by seeking the death penalty.

Nancy Grace reminds me of those people who think they’ve won every argument they’ve ever been in because the person they are arguing with ultimately walks away in bemused disgust. The thing is, as we saw with the Casey Anthony trial, Abrams is correct.

There is a chance that Arias could be convicted of second-degree murder as the prosecution has to prove premeditation. It doesn’t matter if Arias had sex with pieces of Alexander’s corpse after she cut him up with a chainsaw — a first-degree murder conviction means you have convinced a jury that on the day Alexander was murdered, Arias went there with the sole intent to kill him. As of right now, I have not seen any evidence supporting that. In fact, evidence wise, I see the opposite.

Sure, common sense says the chick is probably a narcissistic, psychotic sociopath, but legally I’m not seeing premeditation. The point Abrams was trying to make was that you have to give the jury some wiggle room. This very well could have been a crime of passion, with no premeditation on Arias’ part. If that’s the case, and the jury can only convict on first-degree murder with a death penalty attached, the prosecution better make damn sure they can prove that.

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