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Manheim, PA — A Pennsylvania man is accused of intentionally suffocating his girlfriend by sitting on her head after injuring her in a high-speed car crash earlier this month.

For several weeks before her death, police say 17-year-old Samantha Heller told friends and family she was pregnant, hinting that the child did not belong to her longtime on again-off again boyfriend, 19-year-old Benjamin Klinger.

Klinger, reportedly a jealous, controlling bastard, apparently got wind of the rumor and set his bizarro plan in motion.

Police believe Klinger intentionally hit a highway guardrail at a speed of more than 100 mph in an attempt to off the girl. When that failed to kill her, he sat on her head.

According to a truck driver who happened upon the crash in the early morning hours of December 4, he heard Heller screaming, and was told by 911 operators not to move the crash victims. When police arrived, Klinger was reportedly sitting on top of Heller’s head and torso.

“Klinger was observed by the officers to be what appeared as ‘slipping in and out of consciousness,'” police wrote. “Because he would close his eyes for several seconds, moan, and then reopen his eyes while continuing to be positioned on top of the victim’s head and torso while the victim was face down.”

Based on medical records, investigators later determined Klinger was faking.

Not only is Klinger a bad actor, he’s apparently a bad liar, too. After the “accident,” he told emergency personnel Heller was laying down in the back seat, unbelted, because she was pregnant and more comfortable that way. Evidence showed she was sitting in the front seat when the vehicle hit the guardrail.

The autopsy revealed Heller died of multiple traumatic injuries and asphyxia.

“At first glance, this appeared to be simply another tragic vehicle accident,” said Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman. “However, the police worked hand-in-hand with our forensic experts and saw this was far more complicated, sinister and certainly criminal.”

Seems Klinger was quite the douche – Heller had previously mentioned to friends that Klinger often tried to scare her while driving and that he had threatened to kill them both in a crash. Another of Heller’s friends reportedly told detectives that Heller said the douchebag would push her into walls and once pushed her down a set of stairs.

As a matter of fact, on top of the homicide charges he’s facing, Klinger will also be charged with simple assault for allegedly running over Heller’s foot in May, and two counts of disseminating explicit sexual materials to a minor for allegedly sending out photos and video of Heller.

Nice fucking guy, eh?

And because police recovered marijuana, cash, a digital scale, a pipe and pills from the car, he’s also facing drug charges.

Oh, and the kicker? She wasn’t pregnant.

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