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Matthew Wylie Charged With Felony Child Abuse Again

December 18, 2012 at 11:40 am by  

Martell, NE – Looks like Matthew Wylie still hasn’t learned how to be around babies and not severely injure them. He was on our site back in 2009 after nearly severing a 3-month-old’s tongue, and now he’s back after allegedly breaking a 1-year-old’s skull.

A few years ago, Wylie was accused of almost severing the tongue of his then girlfriend’s 3-month-old. He would admit to pressing down on the infant’s tongue in an attempt to stop him from crying and possibly cutting the boy’s tongue with his fingernail.

Wylie was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. He would later be found guilty of the charges and sentenced to three to six years in prison. The boy’s mother, Tracy Daniel, kinda-sorta defended Wylie and would end up marrying him. The couple would have a daughter in 2010.

In September 2011, after serving less than two years in prison, the state Board of Parole approved his release after his Sunday school teacher told the board that Wylie has shown tremendous growth since being allowed to leave prison to attend Sunday school.

“He’s upset about what happened and remorseful,” the woman told board members. “It’s something that happened and won’t happen again.” Never say never, you daffy dame.

Free for over a year and his parole ending on Dec 26, Wylie was now living with a 22-year-old waitress, Kayla Jurgensen, and her 1-year-old son, Baiden. Last Wednesday, Wylie called his girlfriend to tell her that Baiden had fell off the bathroom counter. Jurgensen came home, dropped Wylie off at his mother’s house, and then took Baiden to the hospital.

The boy was flown by helicopter to Bryan West, where doctors would find him suffering from a skull fracture, two separate brain bleeds, swelling and a broken left arm that was in the process of healing. Doctor’s told investigators that Baiden’s injuries do not coincide with Wylie’s explanation, and that the boy shows signs of past abuse.

So once again, Wylie was arrested and charged with felony child abuse and first-degree assault. Judge Timothy Phillips set Wylie’s bond at $750,000. If he’s able to post bail, he is not allowed to be around children under the age of 16.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner is angry with the legal system, blaming it for Baiden being in the hospital. “The system basically failed,” he said. “If it hadn’t, this 1-year-old wouldn’t have been living in the house of a convicted child abuser.”

While I get what he is saying, I think Jurgensen’s dumb ass is more at fault than the system, as she is the one who ultimately put her son in harm’s way. Police agree, and have cited her for felony child abuse as well.

Deputies say she knew Wylie was a convicted child abuser. Also, in August, police received a report on the couple regarding possible child abuse. Deputies found no injuries, but Wylie’s parole officer added a condition that ordered him to stay away from children younger than 12. Jurgensen and Wylie ignored that condition.

“I moved out, but I had nowhere else to go,” Jurgensen said. “I couldn’t afford it. Matt was willing to put his parole on the line to help me and Baiden out. Otherwise we’d be at the mission.” And your kid wouldn’t have a swollen brain and the need for a ventilator tube.

So Jurgensen moved back in with Wylie and they didn’t notify Wylie’s parole officer they had resumed their previous living arrangement. According to court documents, Jurgensen told investigators that in the past Wylie had yanked Baiden up by his arm and threw him onto the bed and floor, and that she wasn’t “completely buying” Wylie’s story on how Baiden received this latest injury.

Baiden was still on a ventilator last I checked, but reports are that he is improving every day. He’s now in custody of Child Protective Services. Which is a good thing as his mother is a moron who will soon be worrying about another mouth to feed. She’s seven months pregnant with Wylie’s child.

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