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ORANGE CITY, FL — Richard Watson has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to drown his wife in a dog’s water bowl after arguing about an under cooked pizza.

It happened Wednesday night as Richard and his wife, Debra, settled in with two frozen pizzas and began watching the 12-12-12 charity event on television.

After realizing his pizza was still raw, Richard threw a tantrum then threw his plate of food at the front door. In response, Debra threw her plate of food as well. This enraged Richard, so he tackled Debra to the ground and then held her head in a dog’s water bowl that contained three inches of water.

Debra said she wasn’t sure if he was using his hands or his knee to hold her head in place, but she’s positive she heard him say he was going to kill her. After managing to break free, Debra said Richard began strangling her in the living room by the front door.

“She felt her life was going to end,” said Orange City Cmdr. Jason Sampsell.

When police arrived, Richard said he’d only held his wife to stop her from breaking more dishes and that he never hit her. The only part of his statement that had a ring of truth is when he told the officers that his wife “gets mad for no reason.” I’m not sure why he even told the police that, as I am sure they figured that out as soon as they realized his wife was a female.

Richard was arrested and charged with attempted murder and battery. He’s currently being held at Volusia County Branch Jail. During a phone interview, Debra said she isn’t even sure what the argument was about and blamed the under cooked pizzas on Richard, saying he’s the one who cooked them.

Speaking of drowning your wife in a dog bowl, I’m not ashamed to admit that my favorite frozen pizza are those cheap ass Totino’s pizzas. I like cooking the pepperoni ones until they are slightly burnt, then eating them while sitting on the toilet.

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