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Austin, TX —  A nut in Texas has been accused of constantly harassing her ex-boyfriend before running over the man’s mother.

Ryan Boyd is a 25-year-old man who got a real taste of the crazy after breaking up with 22-year-old Elizabeth McClain, a woman he had dated for about three years. This turned out to be a big mistake.

On Sept. 17, Boyd went to police to report that McClain was calling him about 20 to 100 times a day while threatening to make his life even more miserable than had they stayed together.

On October 11, Boyd contacted police a second time to report that McClain was now contacting him from multiple numbers on a daily basis. One day she called over 750 times. She was also calling his work number every day from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., and was telling him she was going to break into his house or drive her car through his living room.

On November 11, Boyd contacted police a third time to report McClain had texted him 125 times in a row, was again threatening to drive into his living room, and had driven by his house on several occasions. He said that McClain also told him that something “bad” was going to happen to him and his family. Police went out to the location, but could not find McClain in the area.

A few days later, Boyd told police that McClain sent him a text message while he was driving, asking about his car. He would find that his gas tank had been filled with sugar. The harassment continued until November 26, when McClain sent Boyd a text regarding a car sitting in front of his house that he had been working on. She was threatening to knock the car off the jack. the car belonged to his mother’s boyfriend, so he called his mother to ask she keep an eye on the car and to call police.

While his mom was outside waiting for police to arrive, McClain puled into the driveway and go out of the car. Boyd’s mother told McClain she was not allowed to be there, to which McClain replied “that she could go wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted and that the police will never find her.”

When Boyd’s mom went behind McClain’s vehicle to jot down the license plate number, McClain got back into her car, told her ‘Oh no you are not’ with a big smile on her face, and then gunned the car in reverse.

After striking and dragging the poor woman into the street, Boyd’s mother was further injured after McClain put the car in drive and drove over the woman again. She suffered a fractured clavicle, broken wrist, broken ankle, four or five broken ribs, and had the the skin scraped off the entire right side of her body.

McClain was arrested and charged with third degree felony stalking and had her bond set at $15,000. She was ordered to stay 200 yards away from Boyd, and must now wear a GPS monitor under a curfew. No word on what other charges she may be facing.

People like McClain are why I have a dozen lime-filled holes dug in remote areas across the state. You never know.

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