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Tulsa, OK — A man in Oklahoma was arrested and charged with child neglect in what Tulsa police call one of the worse cases of child abuse they have ever seen.

Police were called to the home of 47-year-old William Lewallen by a neighbor who had found a 4-year-old boy naked and locked outside in 40 degree weather.  Inside the residence, the officers also discovered a 16-month-old girl covered in feces and locked inside a dog crate. A third naked child was found in bed with their passed out father.

Mr. Lewallen’s neighbors told investigators they heard a child crying Sunday night and went to investigate. The two men walked through a wooded area behind Lewallen’s home and discovered someone had thrown out a perfectly good white boy. According to the neighbor, they saw a naked 4-year-old boy in Lewallen’s backyard crying, “Daddy, let me in!  I’m cold!”

The men gave the boy a jacket and knocked on Lewallen’s door but, when no one answered, one of the men took the boy home and called police. “When officers arrived, they spoke with the neighbor and investigated further,” said Officer Leland Ashley of Tulsa PD.  “As they approached the house, they could hear screaming and crying coming from inside.”

When officers looked through a small window, they saw a naked toddler locked inside a metal dog crate.  With nobody answering the door, they broke into the home and were “immediately hit with the overwhelming stench of feces,” according to Officer Ashley.  Police removed the 16-month-old girl from her cage and discovered she was partly responsible for the smell,as she was covered in her own filth.

They finally found Lewallen in bed with a third naked child in the master bedroom. He was in such a drug-induced stupor that  he never heard his screaming children, nor the officers who broke in through his back door. When he regained consciousness, Lewallen told police he had taken narcotic pain medicine, a muscle relaxant and an anti-seizure medication with a beer before he “laid down to take a rest.”

Lewallen was arrested and charged with child neglect while the three children were placed into the custody of Oklahoma Dept of Human Services. The children’s mother is fighting to get them back. She was at work while all this took place, coming home only after police were getting ready to leave. She’s currently fighting for custody and filing for divorce from her husband.

Good on her, I guess. But I find it hard to believe that she was unaware of how her children were being cared for.  She had to have known her husband had drug issues and had past convictions for meth manufacturing, grand larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle and second-degree burglary.

Check out the following with the two neighbors who found the child and called police. While perhaps not the classiest and most tooth-blessed gentlemen around, at least they had more concern about Lewallen’s child than he did. Keep watching until the end, so you can see one of the children’s family members come out of Lewallen’s house and yell at the two men for what they did to the fence.

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