Denver, CO – The family of a man who collapsed and died on his front porch say a mailman walked by the dead man but did not call for help because he thought it was a Halloween decoration.

On Nov 2nd, 46-year-old Dale Porch returned home from his graveyard shift but never made it inside. His body was found on the porch by his adult son around noon. His family noted that the mail had been delivered and presumed the mailman must have seen Porch, who had collapsed just a few feet away from the mailbox.

Turns out the mailman did, in fact, see Porch laying on the ground that day. In fact, he walked right by his body to deliver the man’s mail. But before anyone starts berating the mailman over his dedication to his job and lack of compassion, he has a pretty good excuse.

He states he thought the unconscious Mr. Porch was actually a mannequin set out as a Halloween decoration. While the post office is defending the mailman’s actions, calling it an unfortunate situation, they did take him off his route while they investigate.

“We do know the carrier delivered mail to the house that day, and he remembered seeing something he thought was related to Halloween,” the postal service said in a statement. “When the carrier learned that was not the case, he was shocked and extremely upset.” They went on to say that the employee in question was a “conscientious and dedicated employee” and that their carriers have a long history of assisting customers in neighborhoods they serve.

When Mr. Porch was found, his family says he was still warm, leading them to believe the mailman could have saved his life if he had taken action or called for help. “I don’t know how he sleeps at night,” said Hedy Porch, the man’s wife, even though she said the mailman even told her that he thought the body was a Halloween prop.

Which, for readers of this site, isn’t that uncommon. We’ve had numerous stories of corpses being mistaken for Halloween props, including a man whose corpse was mistaken for a Halloween prompt by neighbors until it started stinking up the neighborhood, and another man who blew his brains out right outside his front door and mistaken for a gory prop until some trick ‘r treaters walked up to get some candy from it.

Hell, we’ve even had the reverse scenario. Who can forget last year’s “lawnmower accident” or the women who were charged after they placed a “dead body” on an highway onramp.

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