BARTOW, FL — A couple of cell phone store employees in Florida have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble after they stole a female customer’s personal photos off her phone and then shared them.

The unidentified woman came to the Cellular Sales of Knoxville store to purchase a new phone. Joshua Stuart, 24, told the woman that he would transfer all of her data from her old phone to the new one she just bought. While Joshua delivered on this promise of data transfer, he also kept some nude photos of the woman he found on her old phone. No idea what the photos were, but they were good enough to share with fellow employee, 26-year-old Gregory Lampert.

Their activities may have gone unnoticed had Joshua and Gregory not decided to show their find to another customer in the store. Unfortunately for the pair, this customer recognized the woman in the pics and immediately informed her that she was pretty popular over at the cell phone store and her private pics may have become wanking material for two of the store’s employees.

After the woman contacted police, detectives executed a search warrant at the store on Wednesday and found several images of the woman on Lampert’s phone and personal computer, along with personal photos of another female. Lampert happened to be at the store at the time of the search so he was arrested at the scene and gets to have has his picture attached to every news story regarding the incident.

Both he and Joshua are facing felony charges of dealing in stolen property and offenses against computer users and misdemeanor charges of theft and prohibited acts regarding lewd materials. Stuart was on vacation when police arrived at the store, so a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A Cellular Sales of Knoxville spokesman says they’re extremely shocked by what happened and are “working like crazy to ensure it never happens again.” I bet they are as the store is a third-party authorized reseller of Verizon Wireless phones. I can’t imagine how bad their business would suffer if they lost that bit of bread and butter. A Verizon Wireless spokesperson said a customers’ privacy is their top priority and the store and two employees will be held accountable for their actions.

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