Bolivar, MSTeresa Mayes’s statement to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) was read in court on Monday.  In it, she reveals that her husband of 11 years, Adam Mayes (pictured), had plotted the kidnapping of Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain as well as the murder of their remaining family for a year before acting on his plan.

She claimed that Adam Mayes was in love with 12-year-old Alexandria and that he planned to move to Mexico with the two girls, where he and Alexandria would raise Kyliyah, 8, as their daughter.

Teresa Mayes is facing two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping for her involvement in the plan.  Adam Mayes’s mother, Mary Frances Mayes, is being charged with especially aggravated kidnapping for hers.

Much to my surprise, this story doesn’t seem to have been covered here on DD, so I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed with a chronological retelling of the story.

At some point, Adam Mayes fell in love with the middle daughter of family friends Gary and Jo Ann Bain.  When he learned that the Bains were planning to move from Whiteville, TN to Arizona, he hatched a plan that would allow him to be with his “new love” permanently.  Unfortunately for the three eldest members of Bain family, the plan did not include the continuance of their lives.

It should be noted here that Teresa Mayes’s mother has stated that Adam Mayes believed himself to be the father of Alexandria and Kyliyah, though there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence of that.

Teresa Mayes, who is described by some as mildly mentally challenged, went along with the plan that began to unfold with a trip from their home in Mississippi to the Bain home in Tennessee and two failed kidnapping attempts.  The first occurred on April 25th.  They were to attempt to abduct the two children as they waited for the school bus, but Mayes arrived too late.  On April 26th, the presence of Gary Bain outside the house thwarted the plan again.

“From Wednesday until Friday morning, I was stuck in the back of our Durango, purplish, blue in color, underneath blankets, and it was very hot,” Teresa said in the statement. “I had to drink warm soda, and all I had to eat was a jar of pickles. Adam had me stay in the van because he didn’t want (any) of the Bains to see me.”

Right now, I am fighting the urge to chuckle at this visual because I know it’s horribly, horribly wrong to do so.  You should probably wipe that smile off your face before continuing.

Teresa Mayes says she voiced a desire to back out of the plan, but that Adam told her that she knew too much and that he would have to kill her if she did so.

On April 27th, Mayes let himself into the Bain home with the key they allowed him to keep.  He made a tequila sunrise drink surreptitiously mixed with Visine and prescription drugs for Gary Bain in an attempt to poison him while Jo Ann slept.  After Gary Bain had gone to bed, Mayes lured Jo Ann outside with a story about Kyliyah sleepwalking, hit her on the head with a two-by-four and then strangled her to death with a rope.  He then proceeded to smother Adrienne, the eldest daughter, to death.  Mayes then fled the house believing, incorrectly, that he had sufficiently poisoned Gary Bain.

Adam and Teresa Mayes and Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain then rode in the Durango SUV to Adam’s mother’s house in Guntown, MS.  Teresa, likely tired from all her pickle-eating, went to sleep.  When she woke the next morning, Adam was playing video games as he told her that he had buried the bodies in the back yard.  It is presumed that Adam’s mother was privy to quite a bit of these shenanigans, and that is why she is facing the kidnapping charges.

“Adam acted proud of himself, like he had accomplished his plan,” Teresa’s statement said. “He mentioned that he was smarter than most criminals and would flee to Mexico without being caught.”

Boy, was he wrong.

Some time after May 1, Adam disappeared into the heavily wooded northern Mississippi back country with the girls.  On May 10th, law enforcement found him.  As they approached, he put a gun to his head and fired, killing himself instantly.  The girls were unharmed.

I will leave you with this disturbing, rambling statement uttered from Teresa’s mouth in an official statement: “I saw Adam kiss Alex on the lips and she would change clothes in front of him. It upset me but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Because Alex was moving back to Arizona Adam said he couldn’t live without her and that is why Adam initiated this plan.”

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