Port Charlotte, FL – Amanda Linscott, 26, was arrested earlier this month on armed robbery charges for allegedly pulling a gun on a man with whom she was having sex as he drove.

On September 2nd, the victim and two of his friends visited the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub and met up with two women.  As their night was drawing to a close, the men invited the women back to the house of one of the men.

The victim and one of the women reportedly went to one of the bedrooms to introduce their respective genitals to each other.  That’s when she got a little whorish and told him that she needed $250 to open her legs.  At this point, I believe I would have asked the young lady to leave the house and then retired to the bathroom with a slippery, non-corrosive substance and bit of visual stimulation.  However, the victim, not being the dashing, debonair stud that I happen to be, offered what he had: $120.

I’m guessing that the woman indicated her acceptance of this deal and the victim went to the bathroom, presumably for a pre-coital whiz (always a strong idea after a night of drinking).  When he returned, the two ladies had disappeared from the home.  As luck (bad luck, that is) would have it, the man had gotten his love interest’s cell phone number earlier in the evening.  He called it, she answered, and the two agreed to meet up at a Pik N Run pizza restaurant.

When the victim arrived, expecting to meet up with the woman who had dissed him earlier, he encountered Linscott, who walked up to his car and told him that the other woman had “ditched” her.  Beggars can’t be choosers as they always say, and when a dude gets it in his mind that he’s going to get some, he’ll usually do almost anything to make sure it happens.  I guess that’s why he allowed Linscott to get into his car.

As they drove away, Linscott reportedly began touching and having sex with the victim as he drove.  Probably feeling as though she was literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat, Linscott then told the man that she, too, needed money to perform.  When he told her that he had already given her friend $120, she allegedly put a .357 Taurus revolver to his head, the unengorged one, I’m guessing, and became more adamant about the money issue.

The victim had apparently had enough though.  He grabbed the gun and punched her in the head while the car continued forward.  He then lost control of his car, striking a palm tree, going airborne and plowing across two front yards.  After the vehicle came to a rest, Linscott reportedly got out and fled the scene, leaving the gun behind.

The victim drove his damaged Nissan back to his friend’s house, told them what had happened, and called the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office.

When officers arrived at the scene of the car accident, they encountered an elderly man in a driveway who told them that his daughter, Amanda Linscott, had been in a car accident and received a punch to the face.  The police took statements from all the parties involved and elected to arrest Linscott, who remains at Charlotte County Jail with a nice shiner, pencil-thin lips, a high forehead, and no bond.

Shouldn’t we be adding a prostitution charge here?

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