Virginia Beach, VA – Kevin Bullock doesn’t like it when romantic relationships go awry.  We know this because he was convicted in 1986 for stabbing then-girlfriend Natalie Purdie 30 times with a pair of scissors when she refused to marry him.  She was in the hospital for a month and still suffers from migraines and vision problems and maintains that the attack ruined her life.  He received only four years suspended prison time for that offense, believe it or not.

In 1998, he was convicted of pummeling girlfriend Claudia Lawson-Wilson in her home after finding out that she had gone out with another man.  He received three years of suspended prison time in that case, according to online court records.  WTF, Virginia?

Bullock’s string of luck has ended, thankfully.

On Monday, Circuit Judge Glenn R. Croshaw sentenced Kevin Bullock, 50, to 35 years behind bars for an attack on the same women he beat up in 1998, Claudia Lawson-Wilson.

On December 10, 2010, Lawson-Wilson spotted Bullock when he showed up at her house unannounced.  Wanting to end the relationship, and knowing Bullock’s penchant for violence, she jumped in her car and drove off.  Bullock followed her and proceeded to rear-end her car at an intersection.  He then ripped her door open, began striking her with his fists and attempting to gouge her eyes out.

Lawson-Wilson bit Bullock’s hand in an attempt to defend herself, and then, as if to say, “Oh, that’s the game you want to play?”, he bit a half-dollar-sized chunk of her face off and spat it on the ground.  She was finally able to get away and call police from a nearby 7-Eleven store.  Bullock was later arrested at his home and would eventually plead guilty to aggravated malicious wounding on May 29, 2012.

Officers were able to retrieve the chunk of Lawson-Wilson’s face and a plastic surgeon managed to reattach it.   “The plastic surgeon was a miracle worker to be able to close that hole,” prosecutor Wendy Alexander said in court. “It wasn’t just a bite to hurt her. It was a bite to disfigure her.”  She also had to undergo several surgeries to repair eye damage and has been left with permanent facial scarring.

Bullock’s attorney asked the judge for leniency, citing the man’s volunteer work at the local soup kitchen and his college degree (grasp at straws much?).  He also suggested that time Bullock spent deployed in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm caused him to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Alexander pointed out that his first attack on Natalie Purdie occurred prior to Bullock’s enlistment, and I have 35 reasons to believe that the judge agreed with Alexander.

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