WOODBURN, Ore. — A Catholic priest in Oregon got himself into some trouble after he allegedly fondled a 12-year-old boy during a sleepover.

Just before midnight Sunday, James Curths was hosting a barbecue when a 12-year-old boy ran up to them begging for help, saying that a man was chasing him. At about that time, Curths says he saw a man come around the corner wearing only a Speedo. That man was Rev. Angel Armando Perez, pastor of St. Luke Catholic Church, and the 46-year-old was trying to wave the boy over to him. Curths said the boy was scared to death and hid behind him, telling him the man in the speedo had touched his privates.

“He was staring at us,” said 28-year-old Heather Rodriguez, Curths’ sister-in-law. “Then he stood there with his hands on his hips like, ‘You’re really not going to give him to me?'”

Perez didn’t run away until after Curths told him they were calling police. They took the boy to his sister’s house where the boy repeated what he told Curths; that Perez had touched his privates. When police interviewed the boy he gave them a detailed account of what happened that night.

He said that after a community church event he was to spend the night with Perez before going on a trip with him to the mountains. He said that Perez gave him a beer and they watched a movie before Perez set up an air mattress for him to sleep on. After he fell asleep, the boy said he woke up to some flashes and found that his shorts and underwear had been pulled down to his knees and that his penis was in the loving hand of Perez, who was using the other to film his activities with an iPhone.

The boy said that Perez, who was only wearing underwear and a t-shirt, got up and walked upstairs while he immediately began gathering his things to leave. Moments later, Perez came back down and lay on the air mattress telling the boy to come back to bed. The boy decided he’d had enough of his priest tugging on his penis so he ran out a side door with Perez in hot pursuit. The boy said he kept running until he saw Curths outside of his home.

Shortly after all of this happened, Perez showed up at the door of the boy’s parents. He was drunk and begging for forgiveness. According tot he affidavit,  Prez dropped to his knees and apologized for breaking their trust and molesting their 12-year-old boy, stating, “I am very sorry, I made a mistake.” Perez went on to tell the family not to let his actions damage their faith. “I am just one who serves in the church, and I have sinned,” he reportedly said. ‘Don’t stop believing in the church.” He would not leave the home until the boy’s mother forgave him for massaging her boy’s penis as he slept. I’m not sure if she did or not, but Perez finally left the home stating, “This is the last time you will see me.”

When police picked up Perez he told them that he had too much too drink that night at the church event. He says he remembers giving the boy a beer and watching a movie with him, but that he blacked out. He only remembers walking upstairs to brush his teeth and coming back down to see a look of  “disappointment and anger” on the boy’s face. Conveniently, he has no recollection of filming himself tugging on a 12-year-old boy’s dick.

Perez was arrested and charged with sexual abuse, abuse of a child in the display of sexually explicit conduct, furnishing alcohol to a minor and DUI.

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