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Portage, IN — Police arrested 30-year-old Christopher Niloff after they say he beat his pregnant girlfriend, his father, and his uncle before trying to tie them to lawn chairs with an extension cord.

This all started last week when Christopher and his 20-year-old girlfriend began to argue inside a parked car because she did not want to drive him to Valparaiso. Niloff became enraged and proceeded to hulk out on the car’s dashboard.

Niloff’s father, who happened to witness the commotion, came out to defuse his son’s hissy fit. This only further enraged Christoper, who got out of the car and began pummeling his 61-year-old father in the chest.

Also witness to this unfolding train wreck was Niloff’s 65-year-old uncle who decided the best course of action would be to call the cops and let them handle it. Niloff disagreed and charged his uncle before snatching away his phone. Now having the upper hand in the situation, Niloff allegedly grabbed his future baby’s mama by the throat and shoved her into a patio chair before ordering his dad and uncle to sit next to her or he would kill them all.

While Niloff was attempting to tie his girlfriend to the lawn chair with an extension cord, the uncle tried to make an escape toward a nearby fire station. Niloff gave chase and tackled his uncle, then proceeded to repeatedly punch the shit out of his cranial region.

While the uncle was taking one for the team, Niloff’s father and girlfriend used the diversion to break free and flee in opposite directions. Niloff also fled the scene in a truck but refused to pull over when police spotted him a short time later. A chase ensued that ended with Niloff ditching his truck and being apprehended, at gunpoint, inside a nearby trailer park.

Niloff, who has a history with police, was charged with felony criminal confinement, strangulation, intimidation and resisting law enforcement charges, as well as misdemeanor domestic battery, interference with reporting a crime, battery and criminal mischief charges.

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