HOLLYWOOD, FL — Unlike most dog attack stories I post about, I am posting this one to help get the word out on how you can help out an 11-year-old girl after she had a portion of her face bitten off by a friend’s dog.

Back in June, 11-year-old Jacklyn Tucker was spending the night with a friend when her face was mauled by a dog. She was sleeping on the couch when she rolled off to the floor. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by Tanker, her friend’s Jack Russell Terrier-English Bulldog mix, and Tanker wasn’t happy.

“I just laid there, and I closed my eyes, hoping the dog would just go away,” Tucker said.

But Tanker didn’t. Instead, Tanker decided to chew off the girl’s face, tearing off three-quarters of her upper lip and part of her nose. EMS arrived and rushed Jacklyn to the hospital after the dog’s owner handed them Jacklyn’s lips that he had picked up off the floor.

After an initial operation to repair the damage that resulted in some complications, Jacklyn underwent an advanced form of plastic surgery, called a lip switch, in which surgeons took a wedge from her lower lip, flipped it upside down and inserted it into her upper lip.

Jacklyn is now back at home recovering and in good spirits. Her dad, Jack Tucker, says she is watching tv and on the computer while waiting on the wounds to heal. Her lips are sewed together and the stitches won’t be removed for a few weeks, but she is already trying to speak.

Jack said that his daughter is mostly worried about her friend where the attack happened.

“She (doesn’t) want her friend to think it’s her fault or anything,” Tucker said. “She tries to calm me down about being mad at the parents. She’s like, ‘It’s not their fault. It’s the dog.’ ”

He also said that Jacklyn wants to go outside and see her friends, but he is worried about how she will deal with people staring at her while she heals. She went to the store with her dad the other day and he says he explained to her that people aren’t laughing at her, but are just naturally curious.

“I was joking with her (saying) you never know,” Tucker said. “You’ve been on the news so much they might want an autograph.”

So here’s the deal. Jack is a tow truck driver. While that’s a job I appreciate immensely, it’s not one that pays enough to cover the mounting medical costs associated with fixing Jacklyn’s face. Not just for what has already been done, but also for the future procedures needed to complete her facial reconstruction. To make matters worse, Jack has not been able to work since the attack. He has stayed by his daughter’s side throughout the entire ordeal.

Because of this, the Tucker family has set up the Jacklyn Tucker Trust Fund with Chase bank for anyone wishing to donate some money to help pay Jacklyn’s medical bills. So come on, if a woman can become a millionaire for being bullied on a bus, surely enough people could donate to this fund and pay to get an 11-year-old girl’s face fixed.

If you are local, Tucker’s boss has organized a July 26 fundraiser at Park Avenue BBQ Grille. They will donate 25 percent of its proceeds that day to Jacklyn. The law office of William Abramson will also be hosting a raffle for an iPad 3, a 32-inch flat screen and a $100 gift card to Park Avenue BBQ Grille. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased by calling Abramson’s office at (561) 650-1898.

Oh, and for anyone worried about the dog, don’t be. It’s dead. Tanker was euthanized by Florida animal control after a 10 day waiting period.

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