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Hamilton, Ohio — A woman in Ohio was arrested the other day after she was busted trying to break into jail.

On Sunday morning, a Hamilton jail corrections officer was leaving work when he noticed 36-year-old Tiffany Hurd lying near a fence at the rear of the jail. She was wearing a backpack and appeared to be intoxicated.

Deputies were called to the scene after she refused to leave the premises and attempted to climb the barbed wire fence that surrounded the compound. When deputies arrived, they also advised Hurd to leave the area, but again she refused and continued her attempt to scale the fence. “I want to be arrested,” she stated.

So the deputies obliged her. Hurd was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Her bond has been set at $2,500.

“Her actions really caught me by surprise,” said Sheriff Jones.  “I know the economy is bad right now, but I didn’t think it was so bad that someone would actually try to break IN to jail.  …

Calgary, Canada – A Canadian woman’s day reportedly went from bad-to-worse when she chose to falsely accused her father of rape after a failed suicide attempt during which she had anally mutilated herself with a pair of scissors.

“When I found out I survived it I didn’t know what to do, I was lying there medicated,” the unnamed woman said in court.

The 40-year-old mother-of-two told provincial court Judge John Bascom that – after her October 2010 suicide attempt had failed – she decided to blame her father for her injuries. She then formally accused him of raping her anally.

The father was twice interviewed by police butt denied involvement. The woman’s father was not charged after investigators concluded that the woman’s injuries were consistent with those caused by a knife or scissors. Investigators were able to finally get to the bottom of the matter after the woman admitted to using scissors to cause her wounds.

The woman faces up to 3 1/2 years in jail. She is free on bail until sentencing on August 28.…

WAYNESBORO, Ga. — An 11-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to the shooting death of his father’s girlfriend last December.

The boy was 10-years-old on Dec 30 when he got angry at his father’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Jennifer Albright (pictured), because she had asked him to clean up some dirty diapers. Albright was watching the boy, his younger cousin and her 2-year-old daughter at the time.

In response to Albright’s request, he picked up a 12-gauge shotgun he had received on Christmas then shot Albright in the back as she changed her 2-year-old daughter.

The boy was charged with felony murder and gun possession, both of which he pleaded guilty to the other day. Juvenile Court Judge Willie Saunders sentenced the boy to be held in Augusta Regional Youth Detention Campus until he turns 21, the maximum sentence allowed. The boy can file yearly petitions for early release or reduction in penalty.

His mother, who does not have custody of the boy,  didn’t say anything in court but outside she apologized to Albright’s family, who wanted the boy charged as an adult.…

Cochranton, PA – A lesbian couple will stand trial for the brutal beating death of 20-year-old Brandy Stevens-Rosine, the third leg of their lesbian love triangle.

Stevens-Rosine had dated 18-year-old Jade Olmstead for about a year, but the relationship had ended with Olmstead moving in with 20-year-old Ashley Barber (pictured) at Barber’s house 75 miles away in Pennsylvania. Although they were broke up, Olmstead and Stevens-Rosine stayed in contact and Stevens-Rosine still did favors for Olmstead whenever asked.

On May 17, Stevens-Rosine accepted an invitation by Olmstead to visit her at her new home. Stevens must have sensed something was wrong because after making the 75-mile trip and arriving at her destination, she texted a friend that she had a “funny feeling.” Not heeding the warning, Stevens-Rosine was lured out to a nearby wooded area under the guise of Barber and Olmstead wanting to show Stevens-Rosine a fort they were building.

Instead, Stevens-Rosine was beat mercilessly by Olmsted and Barber, who kicked and punched her to the point of Stevens-Rosine screaming and begging for her life.…

Portland, OR – Jamie Todd Hensler, 40, who had been booked on charges of assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and reckless endangering earlier this year, is facing new charges of misuse of a drinking fountain, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct after allegedly exposing himself and washing his genitals in a public park’s water fountain in the presence of children.

Witnesses report that Hensler had been attempting to engage children at the park in conversation and, at some point, threw a water balloon in their general direction.  It’s unclear what prompted his next act, which was reportedly to drop his pants to his ankles and begin washing his junk in the water fountain, though I strongly suspect that the “water balloon” may have been filled with another type of liquid and that the inflation technique had proven far from flawless.

“He was bathing in the drinking fountain and had his pants down around his ankles and he was totally exposing himself,” said witness Michael Koopman. “Once I saw that I asked the teacher to bring the kids inside.”

Hensler was soon arrested on the charges mentioned above and banned from the park. …

MODESTO, CA – A 68-year-old felony sex crime suspect has died after repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck before being shot by police earlier this month.

On July 12, David Mendez was visited by a uniformed officer and Detective Steve Anderson, who works on the Special Victims Unit. Mendez was a suspect in a sex crime and Anderson had interviewed Mendez previously. He was there today, with the other officer, to arrest Mendez.

Mendez answered the door and briefly spoke with the two men. He said he knew he would be arrested after they had completed their investigation and that he had written a confession. Mendez then walked to a nearby desk and retrieved a 12-inch “diver’s knife” that he used to repeatedly stab himself in the neck. According to Lt. Rick Armendariz, Mendez “repeatedly thrust the knife in and out, holding the knife with both his hands.”

Refusing to obey the officer’s demand to stop doing that, Mendez was Tased. This did not prove to be effective and Mendez continued to stab himself.…

Phoenix, AZToxicology results from Michael Marin’s autopsy indicate that he did, indeed, intentionally kill himself immediately after his verdict was handed down.  His method of choice?  Glad you asked.  Cyanide.

I wrote this story up soon after Marin collapsed and died in an Arizona courtroom immediately following the reading of his guilty verdict.  I’d tell the story again, but I did such a masterful job the first time, I’ll request that you simply read it here.

It’s difficult to watch the video of Marin’s final moments without believing that he placed something in his mouth and washed it down with the contents of a bottle he’d carried into the courtroom with him.  The toxicology results now leave little doubt.

There are two shocking parts of this story for me.  The first is that he opted to off himself before he’d even been sentenced.  The maximum would have been 21 years, and I’d imagine an appeal would have been a no-brainer.  Something tells me that there’s a bit more information about his situation that I don’t currently possess.…

Novosibirsk, Russia – After yesterday’s story of involuntary penectomy, I feel the desperate need to redeem myself by reporting on another such incident, only this time performed on a wholly deserving individual.

Svetlana Serafina, 25, was working behind the counter of a sauna establishment, dozing a bit on a slow day, when Dmitry Zubarev, 29, walked in pretending to be a legitimate customer.  Next thing she knew, she was being struck in the head.

“I opened my eyes and saw this man standing in front of me, his teeth were clenched and he had his hands in fists, and he started punching me, then he kicked me to the ground when I tried to flee.  He was tearing at my clothes and then he pulled down his trousers and put his penis in my mouth, that was when I bit down as hard as I could, and didn’t let go,” she said.

Now, I’m not a person who would ever entertain the idea of committing rape, but if I were, I like to think that I’d be smart enough to avoid the oral variety. …

Chicago, IL – Two years ago we reported on the death of Megan Duskey. She was the 23-year-old special education teacher who tried sliding down a stair’s banister during a Halloween party and plunged four stories to her death.

Now it is being reported that her family is suing the hotel.

James and Deborah Duskey have filed a lawsuit against Hilton Worldwide, the Palmer House Hilton, Surreal Chicago and Adrenaline Y2K, claiming their combined negligence was the cause of their daughter’s death.

They allege the named parties allowed party-goers to drink unlimited amounts of alcohol and failed to provide proper security to protect the drunks…from themselves?

Duskey was one of around 2,000 people who attended the Haunted Hotel Ball at Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton in 2010. She had arrived dressed as Silk Spectre from The Watchman comics (rawr) and had only been there for around 30 minutes when she attempted to slide down a banister on the hotel’s mezzanine level.

Unfortunately, she lost her balance and fell four stories to the basement level.…

Browerville, Minn. – Seth Kellen (pictured), 18, and Connor Burns, also 18, have been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault on their basketball teammates.  The attacks allegedly took place in showers (surprise, surprise), hotel rooms, and elevators.  The photos contained in this article are not mugshots, by the way.

Some are calling the attacks part of a hazing ritual, though County Attorney Chuck Rasmussen said this case is not viewed as hazing because “the victims included seniors, and there’s no reason for hazing seniors. Also, the victims said it didn’t feel like a hazing situation.”  Read on and you’ll likely agree with me that it sounds more like the activities of psychopathic, closeted, self-hating homosexuals.

One might now ask oneself if there is a “reason” for hazing underclassmen.  Now, at the risk of seeming like a sissy in the eyes of all closeted meatheads, I must admit that I’ve forever viewed hazing only as a vehicle for sociopaths to dole out punishment on others under the socially-acceptable guise of attempting to build strong bonds within groups of males. …

JACKSON MO. — Camera’s were rolling yesterday when the son of James Clay Waller, a man charged with murdering his wife, confronted a witness for the prosecution outside the courthouse before the two traded some punches.

It happened outside the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse during a 10-minute break from Waller’s preliminary hearing. His son, J.C. Waller, can be seen confronting Matt Marshall, one of the prosecution’s 17 witnesses testifying against  J.C.’s old man.

Words are exchanged leading to Marshall punching J.C. in the face. J.C. returns fire and the pair get into a minor brawl. The fight ends when a group of women step in and pull J.C. off of Marshall, who had fallen on the ground. Police arrested both men shortly after.

Check out the video. If you can’t see it because of work related restrictions, trust me when I say you aren’t missing much.

We posted about this case back in July of last year, which I will now recap for those of you who may be click impaired.…

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