Pulpit Of Doom Drunkcast Episode 9

May 14, 2012 at 10:52 am by  

Here, Now — Thanks to everyone who showed up to Saturday night’s  The Pulpit of Doom Drunkcast with myself and Athena. You can listen to it here. I thought it was one of our better ones, even when Athena got booted for a few moments and I was left floundering podcasting by myself — which I hate.

In this episode, Athena tossed down a seasonal cocktail while I downed a few bottles of Yuengling while gabbing about Hugh Howey’s WOOL books and why you should check them out — even if you don’t like science fiction, demonic pit bulls tossing women on railroad tracks, coach-inspired masturbation races with underage players, a hot-tempered teen who murdered a toddler, parental humiliation done terribly wrong, the worst case scenario for a first time hang-glider, kids getting rolled into security gates, and much, much more. In fact, we got into so many good discussions, we were unable to finish the Top 10 list before time ran out.

Thanks again to Athena for showing up, and to all of you who continue to support us and chatted during the show. We should be on this Wednesday or Thursday night for our 25th Pulpit of Doom. Be sure to click the follow link at the Pulpit of Doom on Blog Talk Radio page so you can be reminded whenever we are about to go live and show some love by liking us on Facebookfollowing us on Twitter or Google+.

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