Washington, DC — After writing all the details regarding the woman who finger bangs 5-year-old girls, I searched for a bit of brain bleach and ran across a story about a man who took the law into his own hands after he found his stolen bicycle for sale on Craigslist.

Danny Lesh said that he purchased his Cannondale hybrid for $600 in 1998 and that it was stolen last week after he loaned it a friend. The friend secured the bike with a cable lock and thief relieved Lesh’s friend of his bike with a pair of bolt cutters. Shortly after, Lesh scoured Craigslist and found his bicycle for sale for $100. He identified his bike by a distinctive sticker and custom pedals.

He contacted police for help, but a stolen bike wasn’t on their list of priorities and they informed Lesh they would not be able to assist him right away. Fearing the bike would be quickly purchased at such a low selling price, Lesh hatched an elaborate plan to get his bike back.

The first part of his plan was simply contacting the seller posing as an interested buyer and arranging a place to meet. After introductions, Lesh asked if he could test drive the bike, to which the man agreed. Once Lesh was on his bike he initiated the final, and most complicated part of his plan — and simply rode off without paying.

I know, kind of anti-climatic, but I thought it was funny. Police warn people to never try and retrieve stolen property on your own, but Lesh has no regrets.

“I knew I had to do it that day, or else I’d never see the bike again,” Lesh said in an interview. “This guy finally started calling me, and left a message saying he was going to call the police,” he added, laughing.

In response, Lesh created a Craigslist ad of his own, warning others about the alleged thief and cautioning potential buyers regarding deals that seem to be too good to be true. They often are and can leave you in the possession of stolen property.

“I couldn’t help feeling bad for all the other people he’d stolen bikes from,” Lesh said. “I’m glad that, hopefully, his business is interrupted a little bit.”

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