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CULPEPER, VA — The other day we had a commenter in one of our dog stories relay a story of someone shooting a dog after it had tried to attack a baby. It was a real hit with our resident animal lovers.

Coincidentally, we now have another story involving a dog who bit a baby, and an owner who shot it immediately afterwards. (*puts popcorn in microwave*)

An infant in Virginia hasn’t even been breathing air for a month when the family’s Jack Russell terrier decided to use the 20-day-old as a chew toy. The dog had gotten into the child’s bassinet while the mother took a nap.

Luckily the baby’s father returned home as the attack was in progress, but the dog had already bitten off the infant’s ear. The child was rushed to the hospital to treat multiple bite wounds to the buttocks and to have the ear sewn back on. The infant is currently in stable condition.

Lillian Leo, who raises and sells Jack Russell terriers, says she will not sell the dogs to families with small children.

“Jack Russell are born to hunt,” said Leo. “It’s not that they want to hurt a baby, It’s when they hear a baby crying they don’t know if it’s a child or an animal to hunt.”

The Jack Russel terrier in this story won’t ever make that mistake again because it is dead. After pulling the dog off the baby, the father shot it to death before police arrived. No charges have been filed at this time, and police say they don’t expect that to change.

Sooooo… anyone else think the father should have handled things differently?

(*munches on a handful of popcorn*)

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