ECONOMY, PA — Two 13-year-old girls had to be airlifted to the hospital after they fell asleep while sunbathing in the road and were run over by a passing car.

For whatever reason, Samantha Schermanhorn and Kaylie George decided that they should work on their tan in the middle of a rural road. Unfortunately, they both fell asleep and did not hear the approaching car being driven by a 19-year-old who, just as unfortunately, did not see the two girls sleeping in the road.

The driver had just turned on the road the girls were sleeping on after having stopped at a stop sign. After he turned the girls into a pair of screaming speed bumps, 911 was called. They remained conscious throughout the ordeal and were able to explain what had happened and why they were in the road.

Both Schermanhorn and George were airlifted to the hospital suffering from lacerations to their ears, scalp and other areas. They were listed in fair condition and are both expected to be ok.

Police questioned the teen who ran over the girls, a cousin of one of the victim’s, but he was later released. Economy police Sgt. Jerry Droz said he doubts charges will be filed against the driver.

Schermanhorn’s grandmother told reporters that she doesn’t think her granddaughter will be using the road to sunbath again.

“I think maybe she’s learned her lesson,” Schermanhorn’s grandmother said.

I like granny. She knows teens all to well. Even though her granddaughter got ran over by a car while sunbathing in the middle of the road, she still used the word “maybe” when talking about her learning a lesson. Teenagers are dumb.

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