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Conroe, TX – Verna McClain, 30, a Texas nurse accused of capital murder in the April 17th shooting of 28-year-old Kala Golden, has been denied bond by a judge in a Conroe court.  McClain, who has three children from a defunct relationship, claims that she had planned to kidnap a baby in order to conceal her recent miscarriage from her fiancé.  She had apparently told him that she’d already birthed his baby.  So, you know, she had pretty much no choice but to murder a woman and steal her child.

According to police documents, McClain was not targeting a specific baby.  Golden just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as someone less concerned with using clichés might say.  On April 17th, Golden was leaving Northwoods Pediatric Center, about 25 miles north of Houston, after a 2 PM checkup with her son.  She reportedly got into a verbal altercation with another woman, McClain, who was parked in a Lexus next to the victim’s pickup truck.

Witnesses said that McClain then shot Golden as many as seven times, grabbed the infant, and sped off while a dying Golden was holding onto the blood-spattered Lexus, screaming for her child.  These same witnesses originally indicated that there was also a male in the Lexus, but I’m not reading anything more about that in the more recent articles.  Golden would eventually die in the hospital, but not before providing police with a description of her attacker.

McClain reportedly then drove to her apartment and dropped the baby in the care of her sister, telling her that she planned on adopting the newborn.  Police located the bloody Lexus in McClain’s apartment complex’s parking lot in nearby Harris County, and a SWAT team was called in to make entry to McClain’s apartment.  There was no one there at the time, but police recovered bloody jeans and a handgun at the residence.  They also found blood on the Lexus, along with a shell casing consistent with the ones found at the crime scene.

While detectives were investigating the apartment, McClain approached, telling them that the Lexus was her sister’s and that she’d driven it to run errands earlier.  She became a suspect after her story began changing under questioning.  When police told her that they had located the missing child with her sister, McClain, in an inexplicable stroke of undeniable genius, told the detectives that she had found the baby on a doorstep.  Suprisingly enough, the cops weren’t buying that one.

Kala Golden’s unharmed infant was returned to his father, Keith Schuchard (pictured right with his wife, Kala Golden), and McClain was informed all about Miranda and the like.

McClain is facing the death penalty should prosecutors choose to pursue it but, according to McClain’s defense attorney, E. Tay Bond, prosecutors will find it difficult to prove the requisite “future danger” thingamabob given that this is an isolated crime committed by someone with no prior criminal history.  All that said, McClain will be subject to a mental evaluation and an insanity plea is not out of the question.  She is being held alone in a jail cell under 24-hour watch, and the offspring that actually came from her own vagina are with a relative in Houston.

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