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Rolla, MORemember Rowan Ford? If you don’t, maybe you haven’t been here in awhile. Or maybe it’s been so long since the nine-year-old’s murder in 2007 that you forgot. I’d forgive you if you blocked it out from trauma – Rowan’s murder was heinous.

Long story short, Chris Collings (who is 6’6″) and Rowan’s stepdad David Spears (who’s six feet wide, give or take) thought it would be really fun to pull a train on a nine year old girl. Then one or both of the men garroted Rowan with a cord and dumped her body down a cave entrance, where she laid half-clothed and decomposing for nearly a week. Nice, huh? NO.

Collings has admitted to abducting Rowan from her bed and taking her to a trailer, where he raped and killed the child. Spears has also admitted to raping and killing Rowan, which is a slick strategy if you like defense maneuvers for later appeals.

This week, a Phelps County jury finally convicted Christopher Collings of first-degree murder for killing Rowan during the commission of statutory rape. This means that Collings, a giant d-bag who kind of looks like a penis, is eligible for the death penalty. Please take a moment and praise the celestial being of your imaginary choice.

Collings was on his second attempt to seat a jury in his second trial in his second change of venue, because the crime was committed over two counties and moved to a third before landing in Phelps County’s lap in 2008.  Last year, Phelps County couldn’t seat a jury.  This year, they almost didn’t.  It took more than four years for Rowan’s pixie face to fade, even though the crime occurred several hours away.

Today, I’d like to thank the men and women of Platte and Phelps Counties. Rolla, you rock. It’s about time, and it was a tough trial, with graphic descriptions and autopsy photos and a defense who couldn’t deny what had been done to a little girl. Rowan’s mother, Colleen Spears Munson, was present for the entire trial.

The penalty phase is already in progress. And no matter what your views on the politics or ethics of the death penalty, I can’t think of many cases that deserve it more than this one.  Killing Christopher Collings isn’t about getting justice for a child that’s already dead – it’s about keeping that bastard from breathing other people’s air.

David Spears, you’re on deck in November, you miserable fat fuck. And if you think a jury’s going to buy the “oops, I was high and only meant to rape her real hard” defense, you’ve got another think coming.

UPDATE 3/23/12 – After 48 minutes of deliberation, the jury has recommended the death penalty for Christopher Collings. Good.

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