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Titusville, FL – If you were a 12-year-old boy, and your skeezy-looking father and his haggard live-in girlfriend started denying your basic needs, such as food, one of the first things you’d likely try is grabbing some morsels on the sly.

According to police reports, Michael Marshall’s son did just that when his father, 38, and live-in girlfriend, Sharon Glass, 48, began intentionally denying the boy food.

Upon discovery of the child’s thieving, Marshall and Glass reportedly detained him, locking him in closets, a bedroom, and a cage, sometimes for weeks at a clip.  They even forced the boy’s 10-year-old sister, also Marshal’s, to stand guard in case he attempted an escape.

Department of Children and Families investigated the family in August, 2010 with regard to the same boy.  He was withdrawn from school immediately afterward.

Police arrested the two I have dubbed “Caretakers of the Year” on March 15th for three counts of aggravated child abuse (unlawful caging of a child) and aggravated child neglect.  Authorities were alerted to the abuse by an anonymous tipster.

When police entered the home, they found the 40-pound boy dehydrated and malnourished.  Marshall and Glass arrived at the home while police were investigating and reportedly admitted to caging and denying the boy food.

On Tuesday, Marshall and Glass were back in court and facing new charges in addition to the ones already leveled; namely two counts of aggravated child abuse, three counts of child neglect, and interfering with the education of Glass’s 15-year-old son, who was also living in the home.  Anthony Glass, Sharon’s ex and the biological father of the 15-year-old, was also in court to help decide who would get custody of the three children.

The court elected Marshall’s mother for this honor even though she has never had contact with any of the three children, and is not even related to the eldest.  Mr. Glass, who has never been in contact with him either, did not object.  The arrangement may well be temporary, however.

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall are being held without bail in Brevard County Jail.  They are set to appear on the original charges today.  The new charges will be addressed in April.  The 12-year-old boy turns 13 this week.  Teachers gathered gifts on Monday for him.

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