FREDERICKSBURG, Va — The woman convicted of faking cancer to raise thousands of dollars for her treatment has been ordered to pay a $100 fine.

Martha Ann Nicholas pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of obtaining money by false pretenses after prosecutors say she raised $1700 dollars selling “Cancer Sucks” T-shirts to family, friends, and strangers to help treat the stage-4 ovarian cancer she even didn’t have.

Authorities began investigating Nicholas in 2011 after they received a report that she was collecting donations based on a medical condition she hadn’t been diagnosed with. Nicholas was an active fund raiser for American Cancer Society and help raised $12,000 for the group, which the they say they received. What got Nicholas in legal trouble was the $1,700 that she raised for herself.

Aside from the $100 fine, Nicholas was also given a suspended sentence of a year in jail on each charge and ordered not to take part in any charitable causes. Her defense attorney added that his client had paid back the money she collected while also giving an explanation as to why she was faking having cancer.

She had been suffering from a psychosomatic condition that led her to believe she had a cancer-like illness, Defense attorney Sam Simpson said.

“We weren’t dealing with a physical illness, we were dealing with psychiatric illness, and that was really manifesting itself through her actions,” Simpson said as I make dismissive wanking motions.

According to Simpson, his client has since been approached by network television “physician help” programs about being a guest on their upcoming shows discussing realistic behavioral and medical oddities than can result from psychological problems.

He told reporters he advised Nicholas that, “I don’t think going on ‘Dr. Phil’ is going to bring closure.”

Nicholas got lucky getting judge John R. Stevens during her sentencing. In January, substitute judge Robert D. Laney refused to accept the plea agreement, stating the agreement for no active jail time undermined the credibility of legitimate charitable causes.

Anyone else remember when some of our members were scammed by another member pretending her kid had cancer? Fun times.

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