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NEWTON COUNTY, GA — Police have arrested a teenager after he was videotaped having sex with his neighbor’s female pit bulls.

Dr. Cathryn Lafayette says 19-year old Bernard Archer was supposed to clean out the kennel that housed her four pit bulls on Saturday. She had paid for him to enter a program to get his GED, and this was part of how he was to repay the debt.

But when police showed up to her door the other day, they informed her that it wasn’t just the dogs’ kennel Archer had been inside of that day. They informed her that they were there because her neighbors had called 911 to report seeing “a young black male having sexual intercourse with two dogs.”

At first she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, that Archer would repay her favor by raping her dogs, until police showed her some video her neighbors had taken.

“And it showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. He was on his knees like he was a dog,” said Lafayette.

Archer was arrested and charged with two counts of bestiality. But you know we are talking about pit bulls, dogs that have been proven genetically evil, so I wouldn’t doubt Archer was setup and a victim of entrapment.

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