Orange County, FL — A woman is recovering in the hospital from having an arm and leg amputated after being attacked by a pit bull, and another man is facing charges because of the incident.

Police say 30-year-old  Ian Summers had taken Robin Johnson, a known prostitute, to a house in order to have sex and smoke crack. In the home was a pit bull named Feisty, a pit bull with a long history of attacking people. Summers admitted he was scared of the dog, but that it was necessary for Johnson to meet Feisty so that it would not get aggressive towards her.

“I had to introduce her to the dog because he is very aggressive and has bitten five people over the last month,” Summers later told deputies.

Unfortunately, the meeting did not go well as Feisty immediately began mauling Johnson. Instead of helping her, Summers simply walked out of the house and shut the door behind him leaving Johnson to fight for her life.

“When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

Summers told deputies he ran to get help at a nearby fire station, but witnesses say that it was actually another man who went for help.

Luckily for Johnson, someone was in the house willing to help her and was able to separate her from Feisty and get her inside a bedroom and shut the door. One of the deputies who arrived at the home described a bloody living room littered with chunks of human flesh and drag marks from when Johnson had been pulled to safety.

Robin Johnson

Johnson was rushed to the hospital where she had her left arm amputated below the elbow and her left leg below the knee. Summers was charged with  a misdemeanor charge of culpable negligence, and a felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling. Turns out he didn’t live at the home as he initially told police. He had moved out last November after SWAT raided the house for narcotics.

Feisty was taken into animal services custody and things aren’t looking too good for the dog. Investigators found he has been involved in at least three previous attacks. In 2010, an OUC worker was injured and in September, a 47-year-old man was attacked at a Super Inn hotel. The third attack involved the 2-year-old nephew of the dog’s owner. In that case, Feisty bit the boy under his arm, “removing a large portion” of his skin.

The reason the dog was still around to chew off Johnson’s limbs is because the boy’s mother didn’t participate in dangerous dog proceedings while investigations into the other bites were stopped because of inconsistent or incomplete witness statements.

The jokes regarding Johnson and her appearance are sure to come (hell, even I almost labelled her pic as “Feisty”), but I am telling you I could care less how much drugs she does or how many poles she’s sucked. She didn’t deserve this and I can only imagine what she went through was nothing short of a friggin’ nightmare.

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