Virginia Beach, VA – When April Portis brought her 11-month-old, Jahmai, to Virginia Beach, VA to meet his grandparents for the first time, she expected the elegant splendor that only a Motel 6 can provide. Sadly, lurking behind the attentive wait-staff, the fine appointments, and seductively ornate decor was a dark side…

While the family was in their rented accomodation, the grandmother reportedly notice that the child – who is teething – had a spoon of unknown origin in his mouth.

“She looked at it and she’s like ‘look at this,'” Portis said. “I took it from her [and] the back of the spoon was all burnt up and [on] the top of the spoon was the residue from the cocaine on it.”

Portis called police who tested the spoon for cocaine. With the spoon testing positive, our jittery teether was then rushed to the hospital.

After returning from the hospital, Motel 6 executives dutifully refunded Portis the fee for that night and moved the family to another room. In a clear demonstration of their commitment to excellence, the new room was thoroughly inspected by one of the establishment’s personnel in the presence of the family.

“The maid was kind of bent down … saying ‘I don’t see anything I don’t see anything’ … when the crack pipe fell out of the other side of the bed on the floor,” said Ronald Hartshorn, the grandfather.

The family – reportedly armed with photos of the mementos encountered during their experience – expressed hope that some ‘higher authority’ and maybe the health department will make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“It ruined my vacation her vacation everyone’s vacation,” Hartshorn said.

With God as my witness, the Conde Nast Travel reviewers are going to hear about this…

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