Chicago, IL – Morning jogger Joseph Finley, 62, was reportedly left in critical condition after being bitten by two pit bulls over his entire body – including his legs, arms and face – police said.

The dogs, described by Chicago officials as unneutered adult males each weighing approximately 70 pounds, were reported to have attacked Finley on a popular south side Chicago jogging trail. One of the dogs was described as being chocolate brown in color and the other was described as being white with dark spots. The dogs were said to have had matching two-inch nylon collars.

Neighbor Stanley Lee opened an apartment window and heard Finley’s screams for help. When he looked out, he says he saw the two pit bulls attacking Finley.

“He was saying, ‘Help me, help me,’” Lee said. Lee grabbed a baseball bat and ran outside to try to chase the dogs away from the jogger. He said he hit the dogs repeatedly with the bat, but they would not release the man or stop their attack.

“They just wouldn’t let the man go,” Lee said.

Authorities said that police officers who arrived on the scene had similar success dissuading the dogs from their attack, leading them to shoot and kill the two dogs on site. According to a news account, all tolled the attack was said to have lasted 45-minutes.

Police have reportedly taken a man believed to be the dogs’ owner into custody, but no charges had been filed.

Cherie Travis, commissioner of Chicago animal care and control, said the most recent dog-related death she could recall was in January 2010 – when a man was killed by his daughter’s pit bulls inside their home. Despite the trend, Travis stressed that a dog’s breed is not the leading cause of aggressiveness, but – rather – how owners treat and train their dogs.

“The problem with (pit bulls) is not that they are bad dogs. The problem with the breed is people get them and don’t socialize them and don’t take them for training and they’re strong dogs,” Travis said. “The reality is we need to hold people responsible that if you get a dog, you are responsible for everything that happens.”

According to Travis, joggers are especially susceptible to aggressive dogs because they’re in constant motion. “The sad part is, joggers are interesting to dogs.” Travis said.

She added, “You’re not going to outrun it so be as still as possible, don’t make eye contact and look down. If a dog is acting threatening, curl up into a ball and try to protect your internal organs.”

Supplying your neighbors with fully automatic weapons may be helpful, as well.

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