Virginia Beach, VA – A selfless Virginia restaurateur, who reportedly took it upon himself to establish a personal college scholarship program to aid women in need, has pleaded guilty to sexual battery for… well… administering it.

Court testimony said that Henry Allen Fitzsimmons, 54, called his program the ‘Spencer Scholarship Program.’ It reportedly offered participants a chance ‘to go to college and better their lives.’ Court documents said that, sadly, none of the several women in the Spencer Scholarship Program ever began their college studies – as Fitzsimmons had deemed that they ‘were not yet ready.’ Five women filed criminal complaints against Fitzsimmons in April, saying – in effect – that the beatings from the Spencer Scholarship Program had left them with bruises and welts on their asses.

The women testified they were cash-strapped when they signed on to Fitzsimmons’ scholarship program. At the time of their “acceptance” into the scholarship program, the women were reportedly told that the program did not allow drinking alcohol and required the participants to phone Fitzsimmons. If they broke the rules, they were told that they would be spanked. You know… like Pell Grants.

In one of the instances reported in court testimony, a woman met Fitzsimmons in his hotel room in November 2010 for what she believed to be a ‘counseling session.’ At this session, Fitzsimmons is said to have agreed to provide her a place to live and a $200 weekly allowance… but she had to submit to an initial spanking. We can call it a PSAT-spanking.

Court documents say that the woman initially refused – until Fitzsimmons, interestingly, threatened to call police. The alleged victim then relented and traded bruises on her bottom for her academic betterment. After this, he reportedly gave her the scholarship money as planned and her beatings continued over the next four months.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this program was an easy one. Nooooo…. The beatings were reportedly administered using fiberglass rods and leather horse crops and went on for 20 minutes. This was, like, Ivy League stuff…

So, in exchange for a guilty plea of sexual battery and an unrelated charge of perjury on a restaurant liquor license application, Fitzsimmons had two counts of abduction and three counts of object sexual penetration withdrawn or reduced. He was sentenced to two years behind bars.

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