Woman Scalped After Being Attacked By Two Pit Bulls

December 7, 2011 at 10:40 am by  

PUEBLO, Colo. — A woman in Colorado is in the hospital recovering after a pair of  pit bulls gave her a haircut.

The 60-year-old woman walking down the road Monday morning when she passed a house where two pit bulls resided. The two dogs chased after the woman after the male dog broke from his chain and the female escaped from her pen.

The woman was dragged for 15 feet by her hair and in the process of being mauled to death when a delivery driver showed up and stopped the attack. When the ambulance arrived, they found the woman’s scalp had become completely detached, and was lying on the ground. She was airlifted to the hospital along with her new wig where she’ll undergo several surgeries to repair the damage done to her head.

Police found the two dogs by following their footprints and had to use their mace when the dogs turned on them. The owner of the animals, Paul Rodriguez, was issued a summons and complaint for two counts of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog.

He says the animals are friendly and that the attack was a surprise. Even though he does not live at the home where the dogs were kept, he checks on them every day and has never had a complaint about the dogs. He will have to pay to house the dogs until the court decides their fate but says he plans to have them both euthanized.

“I’m sorry about what happened here. My dogs are not mean, but real protective,” said Rodriguez. “I’m not sure what happened here – but it happened and I’m really sorry.”

Michael Mares, a Corporal with the Pueblo Police Department, said that while it’s hard to say anything definite about the aggressiveness of pit bulls, they are the breed involved whenever they respond to calls regarding dog attacks.

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