AURORA, CO – Police have arrested a man who they say threatened to shoot Best Buy employees and blow up the store after they sold out of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a video game he had pre-ordered earlier that day.

Witnesses say Lomorin Sar,  a 31-year-old man-child, became irate when he showed up to Best Buy to pick up his copy of the popular game shortly after midnight on Tuesday and was told they no longer had any in stock.

Understandably disappointed, Sar allegedly began threatening the employees, asking when they got off work so that he could shoot them in the parking lot. Witnesses say that before Sar left the store, he also threatened to blow it up.

Police were called and Sar was pulled over shortly afterwards. He was issued a summons alleging misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Someone claiming to be him showed up in the comments section of another article, claiming the news had put a slant on the events.

I will never understand how grown men can stand in line to buy a damn video game. Especially anything in the Battlefield and CoD series. I think Cobra Commander summed it up best:

Of course I’ll be waiting in line like a giddy schoolgirl to purchase my copy of Skyrim, but that’s not pathetic because I am cool.

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