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Meaux, France — A man in France has been accused of killing his 3-year-old son by putting him in a running washing machine.

Police say 33-year-old Christophe Champenois stripped Bastien naked, placed him in the family’s washing machine and then turned on the cold cycle. Why? Because he was punishing the boy for putting a classmate’s drawing in the toilet at nursery school.

After a few minutes in the wash, his mother pulled out Bastien’s cold, limp body and ran to a neighbor for help, claiming he had fallen down the stairs. The boy’s mother tried performing CPR but unfortunately it was too late, and Bastien died from head injuries.

Champenois says he is innocent and that they boy really did fall down the stairs, but investigators say the injuries the boy suffered were consistent with being tossed around in a washing machine, not a fall. Here’s the kicker. Bastien’s five-year-old sister said this wasn’t the first time he’d been placed in the washing machine as punishment.

Other neighbors came forward and told reporters that the boy had also been locked inside a cabinet for hours at a time and was even left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket. …

Washington, DC — Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

Guy meets girl. Girl and guy meet for drinks and nookie. Girl tells guy she gave him AIDS. Guy shoots girl in head. Girl says, “Daaamn! Just kiddin’!”

According to authorities, that’s basically what happened between 49-year-old Lloyd Wilkins and his girlfriend on the evening of April 23, 2011. The two had hooked up that evening, and after a few drinks, ended up swapping spit and other bodily fluids. After the lovin’ was over, Wilkins’ girlfriend apparently said something along the lines of, “Oh, snap! You got the AIDS!”

Wilkins responded by walking into his bedroom and retrieving a 12-gauge, single-shot shotgun from his closet. He pointed it in the general direction of the woman’s head. The gun went off, striking the jokester in the brain space. No word on whether he jokingly replied, “Oh, snap! You got the dain bramage!”

Wilkins then called 911 to report that he shot someone. At the same time, the woman called a friend to take her to the hospital. …

Cedar Falls, IA – Whitley Teslow, 21, turned himself into police and apologized for his late night food run. This after local news broadcast surveillance video showed Teslow breaking in through to a McDonalds around 2AM on Sunday.

Surveillance cameras at the restaurant show Teslow breaking in through the drive-thru window and cooking himself a hamburger and fries. He was in the building for a total of about half an hour.

Teslow says he only remembers parts of the event and “was not in his right mind.” He said he is not sure how he got to the McDonald’s, but is sure that he did not drive there. Teslow apologized in a recent interview and said he is willing to pay for any damages. Interestingly, it was reported that Teslow has never worked in a McDonalds – or any restaurant, for that matter.

Teslow is concerned about how this incident may impact his future career plans.

“It’s not who I am to do something like that. I’ve never been in trouble with the law before.…

Police: Man Burned Kitten To Death In Charcoal Grill

November 30, 2011 at 3:27 am by  

Georgetown, SC — Chance Godwin Adams, 24, is facing multiple charges after police say he threatened his mother with a shotgun and used a charcoal grill to burn a kitten to death last Saturday.

From what Adams’ mother told police, he apparently had some sort of psychotic episode the evening before and tore up her house, cornering her with a shotgun at one point.

On Saturday, Adams reportedly entered the woman’s bedroom with a handgun in the waistband of his pants. The woman told police she feared for her life, and while Adams was distracted, presumably by something shiny, she made a run for it and called police from a neighbor’s house.

Responding deputies soon found Adams wandering down the road a short distance away from the home. He was wearing “odd-matching” clothing and a pair of ski goggles, police said. A pat down revealed a pistol holster in his waistband and shotgun parts in his sock. He was placed under arrest.

When officers returned to the home in search of weapons, they found a semi-automatic in the kitchen, but no sign of the missing pistol or the rest of the shotgun.…

ATLANTA, Ga. – Police have shot a woman to death after they found her sitting in a chair stabbing her daughter repeatedly and refusing to stop.

Police were called to the unidentified woman’s home after she threw her 8-year-old son out of a window. The boy ran to a neighbor asking for help, saying that his mother was trying to kill him.

When police arrived at the home and broke down the door, they found the woman sitting in a chair repeatedly stabbing her young, disabled daughter. Police ordered her to stop, but she refused and police opened fire.

Police have not said if the 4-year-old girl was struck by a bullet, but did report between 10 to 16 shots were fired. Both the woman and her daughter died at the scene, while the boy who was tossed out a window only suffered minor injuries.

No word on a motive, but a neighbor told reporters the woman had issues and was going through some hard times, unable to afford electricity, rent or even food.…

Dayton, OH – I was going to post this last week, but I still cannot find an official news report. Supposedly, a man is being sued by his ex-girlfriend after tattooing a steaming pile of shit on her back.

Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzjerald is being sued by his now ex-girlfriend after tricking her into getting the crappy tatt you can see here. This was reportedly in response to his discovering that she cheated on him with his best friend.

Civil suit documents say that Fitzjerald offered to tattoo a scene from the Narnia trilogy on ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent’s back – a tattoo that she reportedly ‘always wanted.’ What she got instead was flies swarming around poop. Wait… isn’t that a Narnia scene?

Brovent first tried to have Fitzjerald charged with assault, but Fitzjerald produced a consent form she had signed agreeing that the design of her tattoo would be “at the artist’s discretion.”

According to Brovents, “He tricked me by drinking a bottle of cheap wine with me and doing tequila shots before I signed it and got the tattoo.”

Brovents is now seeking yet another pile from Fitzjerald, suing him for $100,000.…

WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA  –  Three 4th grade students at Bryant Elementary School have been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting an 8-year-old classmate.

The victim’s mother says her son was attacked by the three boys in a school bathroom sometime at the end of October. Her son had already had issues with the accused, and had reported their bullying to the school a few weeks before this latest incident.

The 8-year-old is an advanced student and in the same classes as his 10-year-old attackers. On the day of the assault he had asked for permission to use the restroom and was followed by the three other boys who allegedly sexually assaulted him once inside the bathroom.

The school investigated the assault but said that aside from school policy being broken in regards to the students being allowed to go to the bathroom together, they could only find evidence of bullying and suspended the three boys for five days.

But after the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit got involved and interviewed everyone involved, the three attackers were charged as juveniles with attempted rape, unlawful restraint and indecent sexual assault.…

Readsboro, VT – Investigators say Timothy Bolognani, 49, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound moments after discovering that he had accidentally shot and killed his friend and hunting partner, Benjamin Birch, 39.

Bolognani, Birch, and a third friend, Mark Colford, had been hunting Saturday when the incident occurred. Police investigators said that the three men were tracking a deer Birch had shot. While separated, Bolognani fired his rifle reportedly causing Birch to cry out.

State police investigators said that Bolognani and Colford found Birch lying on the ground where he died. Investigators added that Bolognani then used his rifle to immediately take his own life.

“These guys were best friends and professional hunters,” Birch’s mother told news reporters.

The deceased hunters were taken to the office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsy. According to police, no foul play is suspected.

I can certainly imagine the grief that he felt…  but people need to count to ten or breathe or something.  Suicide-on-impulse is just a really bad idea.…

Cleveland, OH — People who abuse the defenseless absolutely sicken me, especially people like Virgen Caraballo. She was a nurse’s aide trained to care for her elderly patients who, along with others at Prentiss Center Nursing Home, were caught on camera abusing an elderly woman.

Esther Piskor, 78, suffers from Alzheimer’s and has been a patient at the facility for over three years. The abuse she was suffering at the hands of her caregivers came to light when her son noticed a red mark on his mother’s face and the fact that she raised her hand in a defensive manner when he came towards her.

Suspecting abuse, he set up a hidden camera in his mother’s room and captured 45-year-old Virgen Caraballo and other aides abusing his mother. The video clearly captured Carabello slinging Piskor on the bed or in her chair and slapping her in the face. Other video showed aides screaming at Piskor or standing by as the abuse was happening.

Caraballo was arrested and charged with felony assault along with a second nurse’s aide, Maria Karban, who was caught spraying body perfume in Piskor’s face. …

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — I hate a thief, I truly do. But sometimes, depending on what was stolen, you really need to evaluate your best course of action. For example, kidnapping a teen at gunpoint because his friend stole your weed is probably not in your best interest.

Just ask 19-year-old Jonathon Escobar. Police say he was with a couple of other teens smoking pot when one of them grabbed his drugs and ran. Enraged, Escobar allegedly held a gun to a 14-year-old passenger’s head and told him he was now responsible for paying for the drugs his friend just ran off with.

The younger boy told Escobar to relax and to take him to his mother’s house where he would get him his money. The thing is, the boy’s mother lived inside Kitland Air Force Base. So when they arrived at the security gate, the younger boy jumped out of the car and air force security apprehended Escobar.

He’s now out of his drugs as well as facing charges of kidnapping, robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.…

Hereford Township, PA — Not a lot of information on this one, but 39-year-old Richard Marsolick was jailed after police accused him of raping his 6-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old friend earlier this month.

According to police, Marsolick, along with his son and daughter, had checked into Cab Frye’s Motel after losing power at their house due to a hellacious snowstorm on October 31.

Police say they were registered at the hotel until November 4. At some point during their stay, Marsolick’s daughter had one of her friends stay with them for a night. It was during that overnight stay that Marsolick allegedly had sexual contact with both girls.

Investigators have not specified who made the accusations and under what circumstances, saying only that the allegations were just recently brought to their attention. Charges were filed after interviews with both girls.

Marsolick is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail, charged with rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, incest, corruption of minors, indecent assault, endangering welfare of children, sexual assault and indecent exposure.…

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