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Larksville, PA – According to authorities, a Pennsylvania man has been charged by the FBI for repeatedly injecting his semen into the lunches of two co-workers. Joseph Bartorillo, 60, reportedly used a syringe for the sperm donations that were a part of the female co-worker’s lunches. It reportedly occurred 13 times over a 10-month period.

Wyoming County District Attorney Jeff Mitchell explained “The victims began to notice something was wrong with their yogurts – there were pin marks.” Mitchell noted also that the victims thought that the yogurts ‘smelled and tasted bad.’

Authorities are reportedly still trying to determine a motive for the crimes, the district attorney said.

Let me help…

per·vy (pur-vee) adj.  To be characterized by behavior – especially sexual in nature – that is considered abnormal, deviant, or oddly and compulsively self-wankworthy.

The acts of contamination occurred at a Proctor and Gamble plant where Bartorillo and the two victims worked. Proctor and Gamble has reported that Bartorillo is no longer employed there. Mitchell, Procter and Gamble spokespeople, and everyone else also seemed most interested in stressing that ‘products were not contaminated.’

“The situation he was involved in did not involve any product we make or sell,” Alex Fried, spokesman at Procter and Gamble said. “As soon as we were made aware of this, we investigated. We sought the assistance of law enforcement because the safety of our employees is of utmost concern,” Fried added.

Court documents indicate Bartorillo reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors calling for a two-year federal prison sentence.

“He’s cooperated with them for well over two months, and there is an agreement worked out – the details I can’t get into yet,” said Bartorillo’s attorney Demetrius Fannick. “I can tell you it was a confined incident. There is no danger to the public. He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing right now (by cooperating).”

In addition to the federal food tampering charges, District Attorney Mitchell vowed Bartorillo would face more charges on the state level.

“I have never seen a situation like this before,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell needs to read D’D.

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