CHANDLER, Ariz. – A CPS approved safety monitor and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with child abuse after an infant was found with 14 broken bones.

A safety monitor is a person, often a family member, entrusted by CPS with the care of a child who has been taken out of their home instead of being placed into foster care. CPS had removed a 4-month-old girl from frying pan her family and placed her into the fire home of a family friend, 25-year-old Angelica Jimenez.

On August 3, Jimenez told police and CPS that she was alone when she found the baby was not breathing and experiencing seizures. At the hospital, doctor’s found that the infant was suffering from fourteen broken bones in her legs and ribs, a cigarette burn to her left arm, and multiple bruises and abrasions.

Fourteen friggin’ bones, man. Think about that. This baby has already had seven times the amount of broken bones in her four months of living than the average American will have in their entire life.

Anyway, when confronted with what they had found, Jimenez said she had no idea how the baby got the injuries, but she suspected it was her boyfriend, 30-year-old Steven Saldana. She told police she would not stay quiet like he wanted and she was not taking the blame for the injuries like he wanted.

Turns out Jimenez lied when she said she was alone when she found the infant not breathing, and lied to CPS when she told them Saldana, the father of one of her children, did not live with her. The latter because she knew they might have an issue with him being a convicted felon with a long rap sheet who was just recently released from prison.

Police say she was also aware that Saldana was abusing the baby since July 31, days before the infant had to be rushed to the hospital, when of her own children informed her that Saldana had used the infant as an ashtray. Instead of reporting him them and protecting the infant, she chose only to report it to save her own ass after the baby nearly died.

Jimenez has been placed in the Maricopa County Jail on one count of child abuse and hindering prosecution while her man was charged with three counts of child abuse. F*ck ’em both.

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