Pit Bull Advocate Killed By Her Pit Bull

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PACIFICA, CA — Police say a pregnant woman was mauled to death by the family pit bull inside her home on Thursday.

Her husband, Greg Napora, says the last time he saw 32-year-old Darla Napora was when he was leaving for work. She was sleeping in the bed with their two pit bulls — Gunner, a 2-year-old male and Tazi, a 6-year-old female.

When he returned home at around 12, he found Darla laying on the ground covered in blood with Gunner, also covered in blood, hovering near her body. Napora called 911 and wrestled Gunner into the backyard, receiving some hand injuries in the process. Paramedics tried to save Darla, but she died on the scene.

One neighbor described a horrific scene.

“He was in the driveway all frantic, yelling,” said Carlson, who lives across from the couple. “He had blood on his hands, blood on his shirt and blood down his pants.”

While paramedics tried to save Darla’s life, Gunner escaped from the backyard. When he approached them, police shot him multiple times, killing him. Greg has stated the dog did not charge anyone when he was shot.

Darla was an avid pit bull lover and supporter of Bay Area Dog lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, or Bad Rap, a group that tries to change negative attitudes toward pit bulls derived from stories in which pit bulls chew off the face of the pregnant women who raised them.

Gunner was not neutered, a fact that some believe played a role in provoking the attack. I was not aware that some areas actually have laws that state pit bull owners must have their dogs spayed or neutered because I guess they are like ticking time bombs if they’re not.

Greg has forgiven Gunner for taking the life of his wife and his unborn child and is doing everything he can to get Tazi back..

“They are the most loving animals I have ever had in my life. Whatever happened right now was not the breeds fault,” he said. In fact, the couple loved the pit bulls so much, Gunner’s ashes will be buried with Darla.

Some of the comments from the pit lovers are as entertaining as the comments from the pit haters. The haters don’t need much here as the reports are that this woman was killed by her pit bull and that’s about all they need.

But the pit lovers have latched on to some crazy theories that include the husband killing Darla, to rabies, to one “reporter” (I use the quotes because it’s someone from Examiner) stating Darla died from an accidental fall and the dog just stumbled upon her body.

But the news is reporting that she died from being mauled so for now I’ll do the same. If the autopsy reports show differently, I’ll be happy to post a story about that as well.


Well, looks like I won’t be writing another story because surprise, surprise, the preliminary autopsy reports prove Gunner did in fact kill Darla.

The evidence included hair and tissue sample removed from the dog. Teeth impressions from the dog match wounds on the victim, said Chief Tasa. There was no evidence of any other trauma to Napora’s body, the preliminary results of the autopsy show. Darla died from a combination of blood loss and shock.

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