Denver, CO — A cross-dressing wo-man named Daryl Rasmussen, 55, was arrested in California Monday night in connection to the February double murder of his roommates, Ronald Ford, 63 and his partner Rome Sanchez, 55.

Ford’s body was found at his home during a welfare check while Sanchez wasn’t found until a week later when police returned to re-investigate the crime scene. His body found in the basement of the home, hidden beneath storage items and bags. Autopsies determined both died from  blunt force trauma to the head.

Rasmussen, also known as Ms. Puppy, had not been seen since the bodies were found and police named him as a person of interest. On Monday night, a customer of the Score Bar in Palm Springs recognized Rasmussen from news reports he’d seen while in Denver.

"Would you f*ck me? I'd f*ck me. I'd f*ck me so hard."

He wasn’t hard to miss as he was walking around the establishment while wearing neon pink see-through mini dress with white bra and panties and sandals.

Police tracked down Rasmussen who attempted to fool them with a fake ID, but was taken into custody without incident.

Ronald and Rome welcomed the homeless poofta into their home because, according to a neighbor, “He had nowhere else to go.”

He had been living with the couple for about three months before they were murdered.

“It wasn’t surprising that they’d help somebody in need, it was surprising that we didn’t know. We had not heard of this person,” Sanchez’s sister Angie Mingus told 7News.

“From what we hear he was a cross dresser. He was looking to get an operation is what we’re hearing so he’s in transition.”

Ms. Puppy is currently entertaining the staff and residents of the Riverside County Jail where he is being held on two outstanding warrants.


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