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JAFFREY, N.H. — A 20-year-old moron is in a bit of trouble after he got caught, on camera no less, blowing snot into two police officer’s coffee.

Detective Hileman and Lt. Choate thought it was odd that Christopher Hildreth went to the back to make their coffee when they stopped into Dunkin’s Donuts in June as he’d never done that when he served them coffee on previous occasions.

Feeling paranoid, as I’m sure most cops do when being served food, they watched Hildreth with the help of a store-front video monitor that shows a view of the back room. Both officers said they watched as Hildreth fill their drinks, and then add snot to both cups.

They didn’t say a word to Hildreth when he returned with their drinks, but contacted the manager and reviewed the surveillance tapes with her. The tapes clearly showed Hildreth making a couple of Boogerlattes and he was immediately fired.

He was also charged with two misdemeanor counts of attempted assault.

I gotta commend those two police officers. Had it been me, I’d have tossed that hot snoffee in his stupid face before anally raping him with my flashlight while screaming “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!”

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