PUTNAM LAKE, N.Y. — We have a lot of suicide stories on D’D, but none that I recall were a suicide by snake. But some unanswered questions surrounding the death of a woman found dead in her home after succumbing to the poison from one of the most deadliest snakes in the world, has some close to the victim feeling she may have allowed herself to be bitten.

Aleta Stacey, 56, was a snake lover who kept 75 snakes in the home she shared with her boyfriend. One of these snakes was the extremely deadly Black Mamba, reportedly the fastest venomous snakes in the world that also delivers a bite with a mortality rate of 100% if not treated immediately with antivenom. Typically, a bite from one of these bastards means you have about 20 agonizing minutes to make sure your corpse is found wearing clean underwear.

On Tuesday, Stacey’s boyfriend found her dead in their bedroom. She had snake bites on her arm and the Black Mamba was loose from its enclosure that was usually secured with a padlock. But questions are being brought up by investigators and friends alike that lead some to believe that this wasn’t an unfortunate accident.

For one, Stacey was well-versed with snakes and would have never handled this particular one in a casual manner. There is also the fact that she did not attempt to call 911 or summon for help after being bit, and then there is this comment from one of Stacey’s friends made to reporters.

“She was an unhappy lady and a very nice lady, a very nice person,” one friend said, adding when asked if it’s possible her death was intentional, “It could’ve been.”

Out of the all of the snakes removed from the home, 56 of them were poisonous, including a friggin’ cobra. All of the snakes have been relocated to the Bronx Zoo.

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